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The fashion brand that focuses on sustainability and minimalist design has been running a successful D2C business for a few years now. They needed a new platform and ecosystem that would support their international growth, and Shopify Plus was the perfect answer to their business needs.

During the migration, we helped with a full redesign to match the store to its unique brand image. We launched 2 stores, one in the US and one international store to ship worldwide. Shopify Markets supports their needs in selling in multiple currencies worldwide from a single store with complex taxes and duties requirements for each market.

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The power of a mission-driven brand

Kaiko, a well-established ethical fashion brand, has a powerful mission to build a more sustainable world together with their customers. By fostering a close-knit community with common goals and aspirations, they’re driving CLV and propelling their ethical mission forward in Finland - and abroad.

“There seems to always be a benchmarking case to be learnt from when discussing an idea or the performance of an app with Woolman. We are saving time, money and agony through this confidential partnership.”

- Suvi Pakkala, Marketing & eCommerce Manager

✔️ Migrating to Shopify Plus
✔️ Shiphero implementation
✔️ Continuous growth services
✔️ Klaviyo and Yotpo to engage customers in user-generated content and build loyalty
✔️ Nordic shipping app to help with logistics and shipping by Woolman

Sustainable values, timeless statement pieces

Established in 1937, Kalevala Koru Oy is the most beloved jewelry company in Finland. Finnish hand-made production and social responsibility are important values for the company. Their mission is to be profitable so they can do good. The Kalevala Koru Cultural Foundation awards annual grants for preserving, developing and researching Finnish cultural heritage.

They launched their own D2C store to build brand awareness and loyalty among customers in Finland and internationally.

✔️ Entering D2C business to engage directly with their customers
✔️ Shopify Plus store launch to create an omnichannel business environment
✔️ Design to deliver the store experience through visuals, brand and storytelling
✔️ Continuous development services
✔️ Klaviyo and Yotpo to engage customers in user-generated content and build loyalty
✔️ Nordic shipping app by Woolman to help with logistics and shipping

Jumping high with Shopify Plus

How we re-platformed Acon to Shopify Plus and boosted their international growth to over 40 countries.

“We are now able to concentrate on online retail and campaigns instead of putting out fires. We’re now in the stage where we have a holistic e-commerce platform with functions we can always rely on."

“The dialogue is good, including the ability to say no when it is needed. Easy, open and direct communication is a really big advantage, when working with Woolman”

- Marko Manninen, The VP of Acon

✔️ Migrated their Magento 2 store to Shopify plus to foster scalable international growth
✔️ Launching new stores on Shopify
✔️ Continuous development
✔️ Woolman integration app
✔️ Nordic Shipping app
✔️ Klaviyo automated email marketing
✔️ Yotpo loyalty & rewards, product reviews and photos

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How we've helped a leading global supplier of technology conquer new markets. References available upon request.

✔️ Embracing D2C opportunities to build direct engagement with customers
✔️ Shopify Plus
✔️ Continuous development services.

“The whole Woolman team has an exceptionally commercial and business-orientated perspective to cooperation all the time.”

- Pentik eCommerce team

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