Elevating Nanso's Brand with Ellis: A Story of Data-Driven Success

Introducing our customer: Nanso

Founded in 1921 in Pirkanmaa, Finland, Nanso has evolved from a producer of undergarments to a brand house specializing in a wide range of sustainable clothing and household products. Nanso has expanded to include several brick-and-mortar stores and an online presence, established in 2019 on Shopify. With a focus on retail and leveraging modern omnichannel strategies, Nanso has embraced data-driven decision-making through tools like Ellis to deepen customer engagement and optimize their business operations.

Why choose Ellis?

"Woolman has been our Shopify partner since the beginning. We have various apps in the Shopify environment, such as Nosto and Klaviyo. We had a problem with how we can connect loyal customer data with sales data and have more precise segmentation. Shopify itself does not have this. We wanted everything in one place." -Jenni Homer, Retail Director 

How we supported Nanso's success

  • Enhanced decision-making with a unified dashboard by combining data from multiple sources, including Shopify POS, to effectively manage omnichannel sales and inventory.
  • Enabled detailed customer segmentation and behavior analysis across both physical and online stores, improving understanding of customer profiles and product sell-through rates.
  • Provided critical insights into loyal customer activities, revealing that 80% of sales come from regular customers and allowing for the tracking of new regular customer recruitment and top products for these customers.

Recommended by Nanso

“Many brand representatives often ask us which programs we use, I always mention Ellis. I especially recommend it to those who are on Shopify and want to better understand data and have their data easily combined from different sources.” -Jenni Homer, Retail Director 

Discover how Ellis can transform your business

Ellis is our advanced business intelligence tool designed to simplify your data analysis, giving you clear insights to drive your business forward. Whether you're looking to enhance customer understanding, streamline operations, or boost sales performance, Ellis is your solution.