A refreshed digital experience for apparel brand Aim'n

Aim'n in a nutshell

Aim'n is an apparel brand with over 150+ online stores worldwide selling multifunctional sportswear for women. Known for their innovative design, devotion to positivity and celebration of femininity.

How we helped Aim'n?

Integrating community-building tools

We integrated automation and loyalty tools such as Klaviyo and Yotpo to strengthen community engagement and customer loyalty.

Ai'm sport wear products in their Shopify store designed by Woolman

Innovating customer acquisition strategies

Together with Aim'n, we innovated customer acquisition strategies to drive new business growth, tailoring campaigns to attract and retain a dynamic customer base.

Customer case Aimn

Ongoing development and optimization

Our collaboration includes continuous development, ensuring Aim'n's e-commerce platform evolves with emerging trends and technologies.

Our Replatforming Partners:

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