Finland Football Association: Scoring International Ground

Migrating from Drupal to Shopify

Pre-pandemic, the eCommerce sales were already rapidly growing. The growth in 2019 was an astonishing 200%, followed by another 100% growth in 2020.

The project

They did a thorough investigation and ended with two possible choices: WooCommerce and Shopify. Finally, the scale turned to migrating to Shopify because of the pressure of a speedy execution and ability to handle massive traffic peaks. In the migration, the Football Association set these goals for their new eCommerce platform:

  • Fast launch
  • Reliable in user peaks. Even drastic traffic peaks, connected with events need to perform to perfection
  • Uncluttered and clear design for customer experience
  • Customer experience and user friendliness - for all
  • Scalable in every way, in sync with the pace of growth 
  • Flexibility to add functionalities for the developing expectations of customers all around the world
  • Easy maintenance and updating the store, including visuals needs to be easy and such that their team can do it themselves
  • Cost efficient

Why Woolman?

Once Shopify was a clear choice, they started searching for a partner. After research and getting recommendations from their networks, they contacted Woolman and immediately there was a match. Teamwork makes dreamwork

Gigantic peak and record breaking sales in the webstore

Game events are the platform for executing extensive marketing campaigns to drive fans to stores. Traffic peaks during games are the goal the eCommerce team strives for. Still, what happened after the Finland-Denmark game, exceeded by far the already high expectations the Football Association had for sales. The Shopify store flooded with fans from all over the world and sales skyrocketed. Shopify handled the traffic peak beautifully with no hiccups whatsoever.

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