The cookie policy of Woolman

As with websites in general, we use cookies on our website.Cookies are used to collect information about how users behave on our website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a website asks a browser program to store on the device when a user visits our site. With the help of cookies, the website remembers information related to the user, such as the language selection. In addition to cookies, the site may also use other similar technologies, such as pixel tags and local storage. This cookie statement applies to all of the above technologies that are collectively referred to with the term cookie.

Necessary and non-essential cookies

Cookies fall into two categories, necessary and non-essential. Cookies, which are necessary for the operation of the website, enable the website to fulfill its core function, which is to deliver the content to users. These cookies do not store personal data.

Non-essential cookies are used for analytics and statistics purposes, to improve the usability of the website based on the information collected. We also use non-essential cookies to collect information for marketing and targeted advertising purposes in order to grow our business.

Giving consent to the collection of cookies

When a user visits our site, we ask for permission to store cookies. As a user, you have the right to authorize the collection of all cookies, limited cookies or deny the right to collect any other than necessary cookies. You are able to change your preferences at any time. A link to managing your preferences is listed below and in the footer of our webpage. 

Cookies collected on the Woolman website

The cookies collected on our website are divided into the following categories:

Necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for the operation of the website and cannot be blocked. Necessary cookies do not store any personal data. In principle, these cookies are created only as a result of a user's request or action, such as managing cookie settings, logging in to the site or filling-out forms.

Unnecessary cookies

Preference cookies
These cookies allow the website to provide additional functionality and user-tailored or user-requested content. Some of the content linked to the site, such as product or service descriptions and sign-up functions, may be located in different services (Hubspot), as may services and content related to recruitment operations (Teamtaylor). Websites and contact forms for pages are maintained on the (Shopify) platform. We also serve customers via chat (Intercom) and in situations where the user communicates via chat, cookies are stored. If these cookies are disabled, some or all of these services may not work correctly and as intended.

Statistics cookies

These cookies, you help us to provide you and other users better services and to improve our performance. Statistics cookies help us track the number of visitors to our site, where visitors come from, and how they navigate on the site. With this information, we measure our own performance and develop the content and functionality of the site. The information collected through cookies is processed and interpreted in masses.

Marketing cookies
We use marketing cookies to grow our business. We use cookies for targeted marketing and advertising purposes. We use third-parties services. Marketing cookies can be used for profiling according to a user’s interests to implement marketing and display ads that interest the user on other sites.

These cookies do not store personal information directly, but are based on browser and device identification. Social media cookies are part of marketing cookies. We have added social media services to our site so that users can share information from our site on their networks. Social media cookies are able to track browser usage on different sites and create a profile of user interests. It may affect the content and advertising you see on other sites. If you disable these cookies, you will receive less targeted advertising related to your interests.

List of cookies used on Woolman website and the duration of storage 


Woolman Privacy Policies

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