Daniel Wellington replatforming to Shopify Plus from Commercetools

Daniel Wellington

Founded in Sweden in 2011, Daniel Wellington swiftly built a reputation for its timeless elegance and minimalist design philosophy of its timepieces and accessories. The brand, who's designing all four categories of products in-house, is committed to remain a leader in the affordable luxury industry.

Shopify global case study available here.


Before the team at Daniel Wellington started using Shopify, they faced several significant operational challenges, particularly the complexity and cost of their existing tech stack, which included a headless e-commerce platform from CommerceTools alongside Contentful as their CMS platform of choice.

Large IT teams and big in-house projects led to lengthy development cycles for new features and releases. Additionally, they hosted their ERP system internally, further increasing cost and complexity. With multiple storefronts and systems, implementing product changes took months or even years, leading to slow time-to-market.

The project

Project this size always kick off with a thorough discovery where will build the highly detailed solution outline together with the project plan and development backlog.

The headless site was redesigned and developed on top of Woolman's Taiga theme.

For integrations and third party services we relied on existing ecosystem suppliers, saving time & budget.

The go-lives for different market were phased to ensure through testing processes.

The end result

The TCO impact the replatforming has was massive. License fees have been reduced by over 50% compared to the company’s previous e-commerce tools – and an approximate annual saving of half a million euros.

"With support from Woolman, our fantastic Tech team replaced 59 storefronts into 12 Shopify stores with integrations to ERP, PIM, CSM and Personalisation tools in just 5 months. That says something about the improved speed in time-to-market."

Joakim Isaksson — Development Manager for DW Business Technologies

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