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Woolman truly has a flat organization and there is no bureaucracy. I can contact anyone in our organization, including our CEO Juha, and there will always be time for a one-to-one. We all know why we do things, and for me, it is important to have a purpose to know that my contribution has an impact.

Pyry Qvick

Service Manager at Woolman


With Woolman things change -most often very fast. With constant change, we avoid unnecessary bureaucracy. We invent best practices for new challenges. We’ll set up a new daily, kill a weekly, start a Slack group -whatever works for us best for that purpose. We also end practices that are nonfunctional and cause irritation. 

Niko Rissanen

Senior Developer at Woolman


"What touched me in my interview was the COO telling me that at Woolman we don’t speak about resources, we speak about people. This human side of Woolman convinced me that I want to be part of this. This is true too. I have never heard of a “wellness nurse” in-house. This is one amazing example of the human side of Woolman and must be a Finnish thing. No wonder Finland is the happiest country in the world."

Alessandro Paolini

Front-end developer at Woolman


"Some developers prefer generic ICT companies who compete with salaries. In these companies, focus is on doing the work you are hired to do. I need more, I need to feel included. We are currently focusing on wellbeing at work and have a dedicated group of developers at the core. It is in our culture to identify problems and solve them together."

Erno Lehtonen

Frontend developer at Woolman

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