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About Woolman

All companies have the power to do great business, but too often they’re held back by a lack of resources or technological complexities. We are here to make eCommerce easy and exciting. Helping merchants to trade whenever, wherever.

Superpowering the world of Commerce

Brands helped across the globe


Employees including 10+ merchants


Offices: Finland, Sweden, Netherlands & UK


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What makes Woolman unique?

Working hand-in-hand with our customers

We consider our values to be our superpowers


Running successful business means choosing the right components for each battle.

In our world, complexity is the evil we fight everyday. Running several ecommerce stores with multiple languages, currencies, taxes and shipping options should run smoothly. We’re dedicated to protecting the ease of doing business for merchants and stopping evil from taking over their business growth.

Doing business with us is easy:

✔ no empty promises

✔ no business jargon

✔ no to over-complicated processes and useless tech 


Our customer relationships are measured in years, not months. From the moment we meet until we say goodbye, we work together hand-in-hand.

To stay ahead, we invest time in learning and sharing our findings with you.

Working with us means:

✔ we work hand-in-hand 

✔ no unnecessary bureaucracy

✔ we invest time in getting to know your business

✔ we are a flat organization from CEO to trainee, working in multi-functional teams to superpower your commerce


The world of commerce is changing every day. It’s shaped by digital solutions offering new ways to reach customers and offering new ways to consuming goods and services. This requires boldness. Boldness to raise the bar, to test new concepts, and to drive innovation. We're not afraid to speak up and lead the way.  This means finally launching new business ideas, scaling your commerce and capturing new markets. For us, being bold is a natural part of our entrepreneurial DNA.

Being bold means: 

✔ stepping out of the comfort zone

✔ courage to follow your vision

✔ to ask the tough questions and propose new solutions

✔ Pair your knowledge with our expertise into action 

✔ Willingness to stay flexible

✔ Leading where others won’t 


And all of this must be fun too. Without fun, we lose our ability to innovate, overcome obstacles and evolve. From camp fires to building psychological safety in our working community, we encourage open communication with our co-workers and customers 

For us fun means:

✔ creating a safe atmosphere to share new ideas and have humour

✔ stimulating out-of-the-box ideas

✔ being open-minded

✔ opportunities for socializing outside the office

✔ recognizing and celebrating big and small milestones

✔ continuously improving everything

Working hand in hand


“Woolman understands the business challenges. They understand the value of commerce data and help us use it wisely. We can stay focused on our business, and rely on Woolman to stay ahead of what new opportunities Shopify Plus provides and implement them in our business.” 

Tiina Tuohi,

eCommerce manager, Ruohonjuuri


"Woolman’s support in the project was crucial. Due to their extensive commerce experience and Shopify tech solutions, as well as the close cooperation with Axla Logistics, we were able to launch our very own D2C business model in a short space of time.”

Marita Hanhineva,

Marketing Director, Orkla Care Finland


As a business owner, you’re carefully planning the future. Focussing on your company’s growth, experimenting with new products, and expanding into new markets. But does your technology support your company’s future strategy? Where do you see yourselves in the next five to five years? Too often, we see great brands being held back by their technology, when it in fact can fuel your future goals. By offering continuous development on your stores, measuring your customer engagement, and offering personalization tools, we can help you increase your profitability. With the right technological investments, you don’t just support your future goals, you accelerate your growth. And that’s our speciality.

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