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Superpowered Commerce Everywhere

Why choose Woolman?

Grow with us! We are the biggest Shopify Plus agency in Europe and have doubled our turnover every year

Brands helped across the globe


Employees including 10+ merchants


Country offices: Finland, Sweden, Netherlands


Investors to boost international growth


Our Vision

Superpowered commerce everywhere

As a merchant, you want the best Shopify partner, the best app developers, a life-time partner who can guide you through this ever-changing eCommerce landscape without a flitch... someone that takes your hand and will think with you. After endless discussions with other Shopify agencies, you will eventually find yourself asking: shouldn't this be easier? Couldn't there just be one Shopify Agency that does it all? 

This should be and needs to be simpler, right? That's where we step in. We'll help you from concepting to conversion -  and everything in between. If Mars opens up, we'll be the first to help you launch a store there.  Your store may be powered by Shopify, but we'll be the ones superpowering it to your needs. We want to become your ally, your chosen eCommerce partner, and we’re in it for the long haul. Now it's your move.

Our story

Woolman our story

Our brand promise:
Hand in hand

We consider our values to be our superpowers


Our superpower is that we know what we do, and we know how to do it. Our customers do not have to know how they learn with us and we always learn from their business. A customer’s vision and knowledge of their business is their superpower. Building successful commerce solutions to achieve their goals is ours. And we always do this together.


Our people have a wide array of different backgrounds and origins. It makes us unique and strong. People have their own individual superpowers and placing them into the team creates our company-wide superpower. To stay ahead we invest time in learning and sharing our findings with customers. We help our clients every step of the way.


We are dedicated to protecting commerce and stopping evil. In our world, evil is represented by complexity. The complexity of operating a business and choosing the right components for each battle. We are here to bust the myth that establishing and running successful commerce is costly, dull, and difficult. With us, it is easy and exciting.


And all this needs to be fun too.

How else could we come up with ingenious solutions and have the nerves to share them with our customers?