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Privacy Policy

Our promise to you

Privacy Policy

We promise to process your data responsibly with respect for your personal privacy. We shall also comply with the current legislation and regulations. Our role as the data controller is to protect your rights and we commit to the following data protection principles.

Customer's interest

The basis for collecting and processing personal data is nurturing the customer experience and providing services that benefit you as a customer.


We process personal data only for the purposes that have been clearly defined in our privacy policies. We do not collect or store unnecessary data about our customers.


We inform our customers about processing personal data in an understandable way. The customer has the right to review, correct, and update their personal data, and to request that their personal data be erased. We are obligated to provide information about any possible data security breaches and commit to doing so.


We use personal data with respect and in compliance with customer’s rights to privacy protection.

Our data protection notices

Woolman operates in different countries. The head office Woolman Oy is located in Finland and is the point of contact in all requests regarding data control and personal data. The privacy policies apply to all subsidiaries (Woolman Comp UK Ltd, Woolman Oy, Woolman AB and Woolman Nederland B.V.).

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