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"We valued finding a European partner, with understanding of the EU market and legal framework. Woolman’s in-depth knowledge of Shopify technology saved us time and money, but also helped us make good decisions on matters we had not anticipated when starting the development."

Amelia Labovitch

Lead of digital sales, Froomle


"Working with Froomle was inspiring for our whole team.

Their passion to create scalability for and with ecommerce merchants was catching and is what we, the Woolman team share with them."

Pasi Vuorio

Head of product development, Woolman

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Frequently asked questions

Sure thing! We have dealt with some of the oldest, complicated back-end-systems imaginable. The real magic happens in the backend, and this is why we built an integration app to superpower your store and backend. Our app is a hosted integration service. It implements ready connectors for Shopify and a scalable message queue to manage both incoming and outgoing data. We will have all data speaking the same language and streamline the process in a way that fits your business. Our experienced team, together with your experts, will build streamlined business logic in no time.

That depends on your goals and needs. Each merchant has different needs and desires and will need different types of integrations and back-end-solutions. Feel free to get in touch with us so we can schedule a free consultation. After our free consultation, we’ll give you an exact estimation of the project cost and timeframe.

No worries. We’ll help. It’s your app, but we’re here to help you expand whenever it’s necessary.

We’ll take care of your app’s maintenance, continuity, and any necessary updates. Learn more about app maintenance here.

Create your dream application

Yes, we do. We have apps for Shopify and for NetSuite ecosystems. Some are public apps, some are private apps and some are still in the co-creation phase with our customers.

Here is a list of our Shopify apps:
Live Video Shopping Integration for Bambuser
Nordic Shipping app
Woolman Order Management System

Here is our first Oracle NetSuite app:
Woolman banking

In Woolman app development we co-create with users from early on, to ensure providing the right solutions. If you would like to take part, we present an open invitation to join our co-creation. It contains testing, sharing insights, and bouncing off ideas. Our co-creators benefit from having their needs heard, and gaining early access to try out new apps in the BETA phase free of cost.

Come, co-create with us

Yes, we do. After listening closely to our customer’s pain points, we decided to start developing a warehouse and order management application that helps Shopify merchants manage their inventory, warehouses, logistics, picking, and packaging. Sending out your orders should be easy and fun. Instead, it has been made tedious by manual and labor-intensive work - and so we started developing Woolman order management. Our apps are here to fight the complexity and bring joy to managing orders.

Join the co-creation of Order management app

At Woolman, we believe in the power of co-creation. First, we will explore your eCommerce needs in detail. Then our talented team will start building your high performing app. 

Step 1: Explore
Together we’ll explore your business problem, aspirations, and ideas. Once we’ve established a shared understanding and goal, we’ll start building your custom application. 

Step 2: Build
Our experienced developers will start to build the application of your dreams. Not just one that is functional, but also easy to use and error-free. We’ll make sure never to lose sight of the set goal, and we’ll keep you informed on the progress. 

Step 3: Verify, Publish and maintain
Once your custom application is ready, we’ll go through the result to ensure that the app meets your expectations. Only when you’re happy with the results, we’ll publish it. We will take care of app maintenance, continuity, and follow-up development, as well as support - if you wish.

It might seem like a good idea to save money and time by implementing an app from the Shopify app store, but those may be limiting your possibilities. It’s not always easy to find an app that will function exactly the way you want.

Since you have a unique store with a great customer experience, you’ll often have different needs and desires than the mainstream webshop owner. Finding an app that fully compliments your business in an easy and user-friendly way can be a pickle - and that’s where we roll in.

If you want to turn your customer into raving fans, you’ll need the right applications and integrations to make that happen. A cookie-cutter app won’t do that. By customizing your very own app, you’ll save time and energy in the long run.

Absolutely! Many brands opt for an agile approach - and who can blame them! A headless approach is great, but in some cases developing a custom app that ties in your agile needs to your business desires is so much more powerful. We actually developed a "Woolman Buy Button" which allows brands to turn any existing channel into a shop. The implementation is fast and cost-friendly. Would you like to create your own buy button? Give us a call

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