Fazer Customer Story -
A sweet tooth for personalized Commerce

Introducing our customer: Fazer

Fazer is an international Food Experience Company that enables people to enjoy the best moments of their day. The company focuses on fast-moving consumer goods and direct-to-consumer businesses. Today, Fazer's products are exported to almost 40 countries, and 8,500 people across Europe work to deliver this experience. With its strong consumer-centric approach, Fazer crafts the tastes of today while exploring those of tomorrow.

Crafting Fazer's D2C Journey with Trusted Partnerships

“We have grown together hand in hand. Through success and sometimes through friction, but there has always been the desire to do better together and keep the cooperation honest and open. And the flexibility. In the middle of Covid-19, you helped us build new online stores from scratch in mere weeks. The work has always been done at full focus and high level.”

- Johanna Widomski Director,
Digital Marketing & eCommerce at Fazer

What we helped Fazer with:

  • Shifting to a direct-to-consumer approach, emphasizing unique online offerings and direct customer interaction for product insights.
  • Quickly set up a D2C storefront in just over three months, thanks to an agile mindset and Shopify Plus's adaptable platform.
  • Created tailored experiences for customers, like the "My Karl Fazer Blue" custom chocolate wrapper service, for special gifts and messages.
  • Used customer input for product development, with the MyFazer community voting on future product releases to spur innovation.
  • Responded swiftly to the pandemic by enhancing online services and starting click and collect for our bakery and café lines, ensuring continued growth and flexibility.

A Taste of Tomorrow: Fazer’s Fusion of Digital and Delicious

The Woolman and Fazer partnership launched a chocolate wrapper customization feature, allowing for highly personalized gifts. It proved immensely successful, with hundreds of thousands of custom messages sent throughout Europe. Both consumers and businesses continue to cherish this feature for its distinctive personal touch.

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