NCS Colour journey to Shopify Plus and data-driven success

NCS Colour is the global go-to standard for defining and communicating colours, ensuring the highest quality and accurate colour communication. For more than 40 years, NCS Colour has served diverse industries, from architecture and design to manufacturers.


With a heritage in B2B sales, NCS Colour is expanding its reach by venturing into e-commerce with the Shopify Plus store and NCS+ application. As NCS Colour embarked on its journey of digital transformation, Woolman stepped in to provide technical and commercial solutions as well as strategic guidance through data-driven insights and goal-oriented development. NCS Colour set ambitious goals for the year, aiming to almost double the portion of online sales from the total company revenue, support B2B sales, effectively convert online sales and membership subscriptions.

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Data-driven OKR


Therese Carlström Stein, Marketing Director

Migration project

NCS Color faced multiple challenges in their previous e-commerce platform and therefore decided to migrate to Shopify Plus from WooCommerce. To provide a seamless omnichannel experience, NCS Colour sought to consolidate their distinct customer experiences of B2B and D2C segments, present a world-class online storefront for its design-savvy customers and integrate ERP, NCS+ subscriptions and email marketing.

Our team embarked on a comprehensive design, theme customizations, and integration process including:

  • Integrated D2C and B2B in a singular storefront based on Woolman's theme Taiga. 
  • Customer-specific price lists, invoice generation, bulk SKU management, customer accounts and specific payment terms management.
  • Shopify Markets to streamline global operations
  • ReCharge Membership for offering and managing access to the NCS+ app
  • Transition to Klaviyo for enhanced email marketing and customer communication strategies
  • Integration with Business Central ERP system, enabling specialized B2B workflows, smooth order processing and inventory management tailored to B2B requirements

Goal-driven growth

With the new robust store in place, we started to tackle the annual revenue goals. NCS Colour enlisted Woolman's Goal-Driven e-commerce development service, a comprehensive e-commerce development Retainer led by an Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework and insights from Ellis data. By analyzing NCS Colour’s data and e-commerce strategy, we identified objectives and measurable key results for Q1.

During the first OKR cycle, NCS Colour achieved an impressive 90% of their set objectives, demonstrating significant progress towards their overarching goals. Through this collaborative effort, NCS Colour also:

  • Increased organic traffic by 15%
  • Gained invaluable insights into their digital marketing landscape
  • Formulated actionable strategies for enhancing ad performance

NCS Colour extended the partnership by selecting Woolman as their performance marketing partner. The systematic work towards NCS Colours goals continue with store conversion optimization, increasing digital marketing profitability and developing effective email marketing. 

Conclusion & future

We established a robust foundation for NCS Colour’s sustained growth and success in the competitive e-commerce landscape. The cooperation exemplifies the power of data-driven insights and goal-oriented development in driving meaningful results and propelling businesses towards digital excellence. NCS Colour is well-positioned to achieve its digital transformation goals and thrive in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

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