Whistle blow

Welcome to Woolman’s Whistleblowing Reporting Channel, created to promote an open and transparent culture of operation. The principles of the reporting channel are based on the EU Whistleblower Directive, aiming to provide a reliable and anonymous platform for reporting suspicions of misconduct or violations of operating principles.

Our reporting channel, implemented by an external service provider, is available in English at firstwhistle.fi/woolman.

You can submit your report electronically and anonymously.


Principles of Making a Report:

  • Confidentiality: Your report will be handled with utmost confidentiality. Only authorised individuals will have access to and process your report, in accordance with the requirements of the directive on whistleblower protection.
  • Anonymity: You can choose to make an anonymous report if you wish. Reporting anonymously will not affect the proper handling of your report.
  • Save the code: Remember to save the code you receive after submitting your report. If necessary, we may request additional information during the processing of your report.
  • Response Time: We aim to confirm receipt of the report within 7 days of submission. Afterward, we will inform you within 3 months of the actions taken based on the report.

Reporting Channel for Providing Feedback:

Woolman's reporting channel provides an opportunity to report suspicions of misconduct or provide feedback on our operations. It is an essential tool that promotes transparency and high ethical standards.

We encourage you to contact our organisation's administration or supervisors as your primary point of contact. If you feel unable to disclose your information openly, you can express your concerns anonymously.

The processing of your report is protected according to the EU Whistleblower Protection Law, and all reports are handled confidentially. Thank you for helping us maintain responsible conduct and safeguard the values and practices of our organisation.