Crafting a new era:
Kalevala's strategic store launch and design innovations

Kalevala in a nutshell

Kalevala Koru Oy is the most beloved jewellery company in Finland with hand-made production and social responsibility being important values for them. The Kalevala Koru Cultural Foundation awards annual grants for preserving, developing and researching Finnish cultural heritage.

How we helped Kalevala?

Custom design and product configurator

Our joint efforts included implementing a custom design for the online experience and integrating a custom product configurator to allow personalized creations.

A men solving rubik cube puzzle

CRM and WMS Integrations

We enhanced Kalevala’s operational capabilities by integrating advanced CRM and WMS systems to streamline customer relations and warehouse management.

Ongoing development and optimization

Our collaboration also focused on strategically boosting featured products and collections to highlight Kalevala’s craftsmanship and heritage

Our Replatforming Partners

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