Singular Society - Launching a Revolutionary Retail Concept in Shopify Plus

The Netflix of Slow-Fashion

Building an entire new membership-based retail model is quite a challenge, but Singular Society by H&M Group identified a golden opportunity and seized it, by making clever use of Woolman's eCommerce expertise.

When Erik Zetterberg and his team looked at other industries, their mission became clear: 

Why do we buy so many things we don't need, or even want?

"Why is quality so expensive?"

"How can we offer customers high-end products that are responsibly made, but also create a healthy and reliable long-term business?”

 And thus - Singular Society was born.

The Challenge

  • Building an entirely new business model on an existing e-commerce platform that isn’t typically intended for membership-based models. 
  • Developing a subscription-based store that could function as a ‘D2C pivot store’ with third-party logistics, several sale channels - all in one easy to use system with endless scalability levels.
  • Developing a tailored app to handle subscriptions
  • Crafting an exceptional customer experience that turned customers into raving fans.

Building a brand new membership-based model on Shopify Plus

By combining Singular Society’s revolutionary vision with our in-depth e-commerce knowledge, we built the world’s first retail subscription based member store within a few months. As Singular Society's business model requires an exceptional customer experience - personalization and automatization tools like Klaviyo were integrated. These tools will help Singular Society to grow and nurture their growing community. 

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