Sustainability actions

Fall 2023: Responsible E-commerce Evaluation in Progress!

We are currently conducting responsible e-commerce evaluations for selected clients, where our sustainability and e-commerce experts assess the e-commerce sustainability. This is part of a larger effort to develop a framework for responsible e-commerce, and the results will be announced upon the completion of the entire process. Woolman's goal is to structure and define what responsible e-commerce entails, addressing both technical aspects and regulatory requirements.

In addition, Ellis is running a pilot program related to the material calculations of textiles and their sustainability impacts. Feel free to reach out to us if any of these initiatives pique your interest! Stay tuned for more updates on our sustainability journey.

Summer 2023: Woolman's First Sustainability x Consumer Study Completed!

In the summer of 2023, Woolman successfully concluded its inaugural consumer study, led by our expert, Sofia Patama. The study focused on consumers' perspectives on sustainability in the realm of online shopping. While we continuously conduct consumer studies, the need for more data persists. Data provides us with truths, yet enhancing consumer understanding remains pivotal in the development of sustainability in e-commerce.

We recognize numerous challenges; data enlightens us, but augmenting consumer insight remains central as we progress in enhancing e-commerce sustainability. A deeper understanding not only allows us to evolve but also enables the successful creation of new business models. Our study concentrated on the GEN Z generation, a demographic poised to become the largest consumer segment in online shopping. GEN Z exerts significant influence over the older generations making purchasing decisions, often wielding more power within families than we might imagine.

Therefore, our focus was on understanding GEN Z, their motivators, as well as barriers to sustainability in online shopping. Our experts utilise this research and data to contemplate both business strategies and practical choices, shaping the direction and functionalities of e-commerce platforms.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore, learn, and innovate on our sustainability journey, making conscious choices for a greener, responsible e-commerce landscape.

Summer 2023: Emission Calculation for 2022 Completed!

During the summer of 2023, Woolman achieved a significant milestone by finalising the emission calculation for the year 2022. This endeavour was undertaken as a foundational element of our sustainability efforts, aiming to support decision-making, foster understanding, and enable comparability. We chose to conduct this emission calculation to enhance our own understanding; every expert at Woolman gained insights and comprehension from this process because this understanding is what we, as experts working with our clients, require.

During the company's emission calculation, we enabled and offered every employee the opportunity to calculate their own carbon footprint. These individual footprints were then aggregated to calculate our community's everyday emissions. Through this process, everyone gained insights into their own actions, providing topics for discussions within their families and among friends. There is a need for these conversations in the world.

Emission calculation serves as the most recognized metric for sustainability in Europe at present, and therefore, we decided to embrace it. Upon concluding the financial year of 2022, we embarked on this calculation journey. Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, the aspects dealt with online and in hybrid work, were relatively straightforward and relatively minor in significance. While we have offices throughout Finland and Europe, which pose challenges in data collection, their actual contribution to emissions is relatively small. Therefore, we set the bar high and delved into Scope 3 emissions. We take immense pride in this achievement! We calculated the actual emissions of the completed online stores in 2022 (broken down by country of usage), and this process was truly exhilarating. The results pleasantly surprised us—our technological choices and expertise were evident in the emissions of the completed online stores; they did not skyrocket as we had anxiously anticipated.

In accordance with standard practices, we excluded the emissions of products sold in the online stores from our calculations; these emissions should be accounted for in the calculations of the respective brands and companies.

To our knowledge, Woolman is the first agency to calculate Scope 3 emissions for its own products or services. We collaborated with Green Carbon for this initiative, and you can read more about the process here! []

  • Climate Lunch and Individual Carbon Footprint Calculations: Each member of the Woolman team had the opportunity to calculate their own carbon footprint. This exercise served as a summary of us as complete societal members and actors.
  • Woolman Emissions Report: [lataa täältä one pager linkiksi :]

Stay engaged with our sustainability journey as we continue to explore innovative avenues and take meaningful steps towards a more environmentally responsible future.