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Woolman is an Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider and Europe's largest Shopify Plus partner

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Woolman is an Oracle Netsuite Solution Provider that will help you get the most out of your Netsuite ERP

Frequently asked questions

This is an important question. NetSuite is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning ERP system that automates financial management. It helps solve the major challenges in international growth, such as transparency to multicompanies' finances, efficient processes and real-time management of customer relationships and partners.

NetsuiteERP grows with you. Instead of large, fixed investments, the operating costs are formed according to the purpose you use NetSuite for and on the number of users.

Well-known growth companies like Supercell, Hubspot, Snapchat, Spotify, Wolt and Oura have already switched to NetSuite.

For the internationally growing merchant, NetSuite and Shopify Plus together form a dream team where both BACK-END (NetSuite ERP software) and FRONT-END (Shopify eCommerce platform) functions go hand in hand.

When you integrate your Shopify store with NetSuite ERP system, you can automatically associate your Shopify order IDs with your NetSuite ERP system. Customer orders will automatically flow from store checkout to NetSuite and sync with inventory management. This streamlines order management and ensures an excellent customer experience. That is, after all, what it is about.

The combination of NetSuite and Shopify runs smoothly. Both are cloud-based SaaS services and will grow with you. This trusted duo works to conquer global markets for Gymshark

Did you attend a free demo introducing capabilities of NetSuite and the role based custom dashboards? Are you wondering if the company that gave you the demo is the best partner for you? It is good for you to know that participating in a NetSuite demo does not bind you to do anything and you are still free to compare providers. We wrote more about the topic, and you can read it here

We hear this question quite often. This is why we interviewed and discussed this with a CFO who has implemented NetSuite ERP a couple of times in her career.

Read the blog in the blog

Great question!
We provide you with experienced experts in commerce, business, finance, technology, and internationalization. We are not doing this for the first time. We are an Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider and well connected with NetSuite organization. We have also grown to be the biggest Shopify Plus agency in Europe. We have helped hundreds of companies do better business both online and in a global omnichannel environment. 

When comparing partners, we will promise you the following: 

1.  You are free to choose or not to choose

We do not provide accounting of financial management services, so you are free to choose whether you will conduct financial management internally or outsource it to a partner. In either case, we will help you get started with NetSuite and provide banking connections between NetSuite and Nordic banks with Woolman Banking. You will also access the services of e-invoicing operators and public revenue registers.

2. A business-oriented partner for growth

We do not merely sell NetSuite modules and licenses. We are working with you to design a NetSuite ERP system that genuinely supports the growth of your business. Based on your goals, we will propose the right licenses with care and diligence, because using the system depends on having the right licenses. We will make sure that we build a system that meets with the goals we have set together. 

3. An international top team at your disposal

You will have access to an international team of 70 people who are familiar with the fast-developing technologies of NetSuite and Shopify and will hold you firmly by the hand during the setup and deployment. Once the system is launched for use, we will provide you with continuous support services, so that no professional in your team left alone with a problem or unable to take advantage of new features. 

4. We eat your own dog food

We ourselves use NetSuite to superpower our business and subsidiaries in three different countries. We share our learning with our customers, and we are constantly developing new solutions to improve everyday situations of Netsuite users.

We will focus on your business, build a well-functioning NetSuite system, and ensure secure data transfers. Our experts will support you throughout the process. We will keep you involved in the various stages of the project and help you (and your team) to use the system independently and efficiently.

Your NetSuite deployment will be done in three steps: 

Step 1, Explore:
First, we get to know your company’s business, goals, and financial management. We will identify how your business can best benefit from NetSuite’s myriad opportunities. Then we will seek the NetSuite functionalities that best serve your business and goals. 

Step 2, Build:
Next, we will build and customize a NetSuite system for your specific business. If working with the sandbox model is a natural way for you, we will first build a prototype based on the specifications. Together, we will go through the prototype and collect information and requirements for alterations. Once the prototype is complete and approved, we will assemble your final NetSuite solution accordingly. We always test the developed solution together, to ensure that it meets with the needs of your business. 

Step 3, Launch:
Before deploying NetSuite, we will transfer all necessary data from the old system to NetSuite. This way, changing the platform is seamless and up-to-date, and there are no interruptions or losses in the data. We will continue to develop your business competence and help you with internationalization after the implementation.

Yes, with us you can. We have developed a service called Woolman Banking for Nordic companies. It provides you with e-invoicing connections, e-invoicing operator services and connections to revenue registers. It will also provide local financial reports in your NetSuite.

Installing Woolman Banking does not require modifications to NetSuite.

Read more about Woolman Banking.

Contact us and we will discuss further.