Nordic Shipping App - Nordic shipping methods for Shopify

Nordic Shipping App enables you to print shipping labels directly from Shopify orders to multiple domestic and international carriers. It also allows your customers to choose closest pick up points at checkout. Nordic Shipping App is integrated to Unifaun and you can access all carriers, allowing you to ship world wide as your business grows. The app has been developed in co-creation with merchants and is installed in over 190 Shopify stores.

Billing Plan

Nordic Shipping App


$19 per month

Integrates to carriers through Unifaun

  • Print unlimited amount of shipping labels directly from Shopify orders
  • Connect your chosen carriers into your Shopify store
  • Print shipping labels Individually or in bulk
  • Print customs declarations documents (CN23 and CN22)
  • Show own closest stores as pick up points at checkout

With Nordic Shipping App you can ship with the following carriers:

Nordic Shipping App enables the merchant to: 


In 2019 more than 400 000 deliveries were sent worldwide with Nordic Shipping App.


Using the Nordic Shipping App:

Here’s a checklist to make sure you are ready and able to start shipping from your Shopify store

We have collected a checklist of important steps for merchants to go over, before you start shipping. Please note that these steps are not specific only to Nordic Shipping app, but general requirements with most shipping apps.

  1. Sign an agreement with one or more carriers (logistics companies) such as DHL, DB Schenker, FedEx etc. When choosing a carrier, the most important factors to consider are making sure the carrier delivers and is well known among your customers. A locally known carrier builds trust in you as a merchant and lowers the bar of purchasing for your customer.
  2. All carriers offer a variety of delivery methods (home delivery, delivery to pick up points etc.) Offer your customers choices, and in order to do so, make sure your agreements offer enough variety with delivery methods. Also remember, customers have the right to return goods, so make sure you have a return service.
  3. After you sign an agreement, you will receive individual agreement information (i.e. agreement numbers) to be able to send and receive returns. You will need these agreement numbers when you are taking a shipping app in use. In the future you will be billed by the carrier in accordance with shipments made under your agreement.
  4. International deliveries to multiple markets often require you to have more than one carrier. When you plan on expanding worldwide, it is important to choose the right partners to work with. Many shipping apps are limited with their integrations, focusing on local and close domestic markets. Unifaun is an integrator that enables over 100 global carriers to choose from for shipping. Nordic Shipping App is integrated to Unifaun and enables you to generate shipping labels for all your chosen carriers. All carriers use individual shipping labels and using the app enables you to print carrier’s labels directly from Shopify orders without ever leaving your store to go to an external app.
  5. When deciding how to price deliveries for your customers, you should consider the following: Will you offer free deliveries for all or will there be conditions applied. For example, based on weight or amount of purchase. You may want to benchmark pricing from other stores to make a decision that works for your business and customers. Shipping rates are managed in Shopify Shipping settings and shipping apps use this information to connect promised methods and prices to your chosen carriers.
  6. When your agreements with carriers are in place for deliveries, you have a Unifaun account and you have installed Nordic Shipping app, you are ready to start printing labels to your orders in your Shopify store. You can always add or terminate carrier agreements.


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