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Frequently asked questions

How much does Shopify Plus cost?

The platform pricing is based on your usage and trading volumes. The more active your store is, the more resources you’ll be using. See here the full pricing structure. 

We have also done a price example calculation, you should take a look.

When should I upgrade to Shopify Plus?

Ask yourself:

✔️ Are repetitive tasks preventing you from focusing on growing and developing your business? 
✔️ Would you benefit from a powerful automation tool to schedule campaigns, build seasonal and VIP discounts to drive customer loyalty?
✔️ Would your online store benefit from a customized checkout solution? 
✔️ Are you planning to expand into the booming b2b market as well?
✔️ Are you selling in several countries with different currencies, languages, payment options, and/or product catalogs?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it’s time to level up!

Why should I switch to a Shopify Plus store with Woolman?

Imagine this. You want to build a solid closet. You buy the finest wood, get stainless steel nails, and voilà, right? 

Without the right tools and know-how, it’s just a pile of excellent wood & nails.

A world-class platform is great, but only when you use it correctly. Whereas tech houses make great code and design agencies create slick designs, we develop eCommerce stores that your customers will love. Not just for now - but in the future too. 

As we are the largest Shopify Plus Agency in Europe, we have offices across the continent, and can give you local insights into those markets (something that no other agency can truly offer). We know what it takes to scale-up a business - and the tech needed to make it possible. We’re not just another Shopify agency - we are your e-commerce business partner. Here to help you every step along the way. In other words: your business will be powered by Shopify, and superpowered by Woolman.

What is the difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus?

Great question! Shopify and Shopify Plus are the same in core offering, meaning the dashboard and word-class eCommerce functionality. The main difference is that Shopify Plus gives you much more flexibility and business options, as well as more rights to your store's underlying code, like personalizing checkout.

Can I get all the functionalities I need with Shopify Plus?

You bet. If you are missing anything, we'll develop it for you or integrate it.

Is Shopify Plus robust enough to handle my business?

Absolutely! Without a doubt, Shopify Plus can handle it. Besides having an incredible uptime of 99.99%, Shopify Plus can handle up to 1 million page views and 10,000 checkouts per minute. Unlike Magento, Shopify Plus can withstand the enormous traffic and sale surges that your holiday rush will bring.

What are the benefits of Shopify plus?

Internationalization: you get nine additional store clones so you can grow your business across borders. Shopify Plus gives you robust tools to manage your international business. Create your own stores for your desired market areas, use local language, payment providers and shipping options to build trust and maximize conversion. With Shopify Plus you manage your store network easily from one place. 

Localization: Shopify Plus delivers an eCommerce experience tailored to different languages, currencies, and seasonal trends with localized marketing.

Wholesale /B2B functionality:  With Shopify Plus you’ll be able to give your buyers access to a separate, password-protected business-to-business (B2B) store. Ideal for D2C brands but for other brands that want to enable custom pricing per buyer and offer bulk discounts for wholesalers too. 

Unlimited staff account: You can easily grow your team.

Custom Check-out: with Shopify Plus you can create your own custom check-out. 

Easy access: Access the all-important sales channels: Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, eBay.

But that’s just a few!

What if I want to migrate my store from Magento to Shopify Plus?

Are you worried about the process of re-platforming? Many of Woolman’s experts are online merchants themselves, so we understand your concerns. Rest assured, we have helped over 200 brands to launch their Shopify stores and learned a thing or two about making top-notch migrations. We will accompany you on the entire journey and make sure that your valuable data, traffic, and integrations are transferred safely. Learn more about migrating from Magento to Shopify Plus.

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