Shopify Plus

Shopify is the solution for you if you want to grow, improve customer experience and develop your store instead of wrestling with technical problems.


Freedom to focus on business and growth


Shopify Plus grows with your business, updates automatically and scales to massive traffic flows. It is a fully fledged cloud service which always includes data proection and server space. It has a simple pricing model without surprising additional charges as your business grows.

Online store automation

Save time on the manual online store functions. The ShopifyPlus solution includes automation tools which make campaigns easy and help improve the customer experience.

Multi-channel sales

Take advantage of Facebook, Instagram, Ebay, Amazon and many others as your sales channels. The Shopify POS checkout system can also be connected to your brick-and-mortar stores’ other sales channels. You administer all orders, customer accounts and your warehouses from a single place.


Shopify Plus modifies itself to your brand’s and business’s various needs. It is still pleasant to use, both for your customers and you, the merchant. You can modify your online store without needing an IT expert’s skills, meaning that as the merchant you can react to market situations immediately.


Shopify has an uptime of 99.8% and it is trusted by over one million online merchants worldwide. Shopify also monitors the quality of the Shopify App Store apps closely.


Shopify Plus online stores by Woolman 

The leisure equipment brand Acon sells globally, using five online stores and an Amazon sales channel. 


Lunette sells menstrual cups worldwide. Content that is important to Lunette customers naturally guides the path to purchase in the online store.


Woolman services for online merchants:


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Woolman is the largest Shopify Plus Partner in Northern Europe

Thanks to our Shopify Plus partnership, we can get the best possible support from Shopify to help our customers make the most possible use of Shopify Plus.


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