Switching platform to Shopify

Are you ready to switch to an ecommerce platform that grows with your business, shapes itself to the needs of businesses of all sizes and means less tech stress for you? Over one million online retailers worldwide use the trusted Shopify platform and it has an uptime of 99.98%.


Benefits of Shopify for online retailers

Woolman builds online stores that support profitable growth and stand out from the international competition. We are the largest Shopify Plus Partner in the Nordic countries, but also an online merchant ourselves, and we understand your needs. We have delivered over a hundred Shopify and Shopify Plus online stores for small and large brands, so we know how to do a successful online store transfer. We accompany you on the entire journey from the starting point to international success. 

When is it time to switch to Shopify?

Growth and ease in focus

You want to focus on growth, but your current ecommerce platform does not support your business in the way you had hoped. You want a platform that grows with you, automates your manual work and frees you to develop your customer experience. 

Say goodbye to cost sinks and technical problems

You want an agile online store and to stop putting out fires. Maintaining your current platform is expensive, you spend your time on troubleshooting technical problems instead of growth, or making changes is slow.


How we transfer your store from your old platform to Shopify:


We take the time to learn about your business’s needs and goals in details. We do not transfer old problems to a new platform. Our experienced experts can recommend important properties for your online store that will suit your business, in particular. We will show you specifically how these properties work in a Shopify or Shopify Plus online store.


We will help you deliver a hassle-free transfer of customer, product and order data. We will advise you on choosing the best transfer mode, minimize risks and migrate your data. When the process is done carefully, data that is important for business is not lost while being transferred. The Woolman team has done many transfers from ecommerce platforms to Shopify. Here are a few examples: 


Our creative, well-rounded team will design a distinctive online store and plan a multi-channel customer experience. Our design team has strong experience of international brands. For us, design means not just a visible brand look: it also means a smooth user experience for your store’s visitors and a converting purchasing process. We always take account of:


Your ecommerce project will flow smoothly in the hands of our skilled and experienced project managers. We have built over a hundred Shopify online stores and we are able to help online retailers switch platform smoothly, safely and without losing precious trading days. We can recommend important properties for your online store that will suit your business, in particular. We build according to your store’s needs, we transfer product and customer data, and we switch on sales channels. We can also integrate your online store into your backend systems. We understand how successful online stores work and we want to share this understanding with you throughout the project. Our delivery always includes:


Before the launch, we will train your staff in using the new Shopify online store in the best possible way. When the store has been launched, we'll help you succeed. We offer you a seamless transfer to growing customer numbers and developing your online store with the Growth hacking and Success & Support services.


Our clients who have switched to Shopify

The well-known brand Joutsen took a leap in its business and switched to the Shopify platform. We built Joutsen an online store where a content that supports product choice guides the customer's purchase path. Woolman supported Joutsen in its Direct to Consumer breakthrough, from processes to logistics. Since the project, Joutsen has achieved significant growth in online retail. Read the Joutsen story.


Dick Johnson's combination of barber shops, brick-and-mortar stores and an online store caused manual work and tech headaches. Woolman built Dick Johnson a Shopify store that made warehouse stock levels work in a single view and harmonized the customer experience in all sales channels. The project was delivered using the Shopify add-ons recommended by Woolman that were needed for integrations. Read the Dick Johnson story.


The Finnish online store Acon was disappointed by its transfer to the Magento 2 platform and, with the help of Woolman, switched to the Shopify Plus solution. For Acon, which had achieved impressive global growth, it was important to move resources away from wrestling with technical problems to marketing and international expansion. The US is an important market for Acon and now the company is using the opportunities offered by Shopify to use Amazon and eBay as sales channels for its online store. Read the Acon story.


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