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Woolman is an Oracle Netsuite Solution Provider and Europe’s biggest Shopify Plus Partner

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Frequently asked questions

Single system
Including: Enterprise resource planning (ERP), Financial management, Customer relationship management (CRM), Customer, supplier, and partner portals, Human capital management (HCM)

- Instant overview of how business is going from a business role perspective
- Easy access from different devices
- Mobility, users can easily modify screens to best fit their needs

-Designed for companies targeting international markets
-Efficiently manage the operations of subsidiaries
-End-to-end from production to global sales

Scalable and flexible
-The world’s first ERP built for the Cloud
- Scalable and agile for continuous business growth
- Over 22 000 companies in more than 200 countries use Netsuite

Customizable with applications
- Extend the business features with applications
- An agile way to support your unique business needs
- A user-friendly package that supports your company's everyday operations

Omnichannel commerce
- Combine Netsuite and Shopify eCommerce platform to get the best of both worlds
- Woolman is a Netsuite Solution Provider and Shopify Plus Partner. We know how to build a winner combo for your business.

Often, the moment you should implement NetSuite is when your company establishes a subsidiary outside your home country. You can process data for all companies in one, transparent NetSuite ERP system and use it to manage accounting, reporting and consolidation globally. You get real-time transparency to how your business is doing and you can access the data anywhere, anytime.

Another perspective is the growth of your e-commerce. In international deliveries,knowing which goods are located and where is critical to optimizing deliveries and minimizing costs. Customer acquisition is not cheap, so you want to make sure your customers get an excellent customer experience in your online store.It is accomplished with great front-end and back end systems, that both support your current operations and adapt quickly to market changes.

NetSuite pricing is based on user licenses, annual fees and total numbers of users.

There are two types of user licenses, the basic user and the employee user. The annual fee for NetSuite is determined by the fixed price of the selected solution: Suite (e.g. Full Suite, or Single Suite such as Finance) and modules. In addition, there will be a volume-based user charge.

The exact prices will be agreed on in the cooperation agreement negotiations.

Because we have the expertise to implement NetSuite, and we use the system on a daily basis, since we use Netsuite in our business too. Netsuite enables us with real-time transparency into the operations of the three countries and two subsidiaries.

We know NetSuite licenses well and will recommend the right choices for you. Since we never sell mere licenses to NetSuite but are always involved in the deployment of as well, we have the same interest as you. We are also involved in educating your staff learn to use NetSuite and will provide ongoing support after deployment. We all know that an ERP system deployment is a major decision and getting the benefits out of it, is done in stages.

Knowledge of SaaS services is our specialty. We have chosen a growth path that relies on cloud-based services. We specialize in services that support the growth of business and eCommerce.In four years, we have grown to become the largest Shopify Plus partner in Europe and we plan to grow strongly as a partner for NetSuite as a Solution Provider.We understand the strengths of ecosystems and scalable services, as well as the benefits that ready applications provide for users. And if no application can be found, we have the ability to develop a suitable one ourselves.

And one more reason: Since we are not a company that provides accounting or financial services to others. So, if your goal is to deploy NetSuite and you are not outsourcing your financial management, we are the partner you want to go to.

As the implementation of a new ERP system is a major business decision, we need to understand your business and your future plans. This means exploring your business together. With a common understanding of goals, we design and tailor NetSuite ERP to the needs of your business. Finally, we transfer all the necessary data from the old system to NetSuite.

Learn more about how we implement NetSuite Deployment

Woolman Banking is our own solution that allows you to access banking connection between NetSuite and the most popular Nordic banks. With our service, you have access to secure multi-bank connections, e-invoicing operator services, local financial reports, and government revenue registers. The installation does not require any modifications to the NetSuite ERP system and it runs smoothly.

Read more about the service.

Well, it does depend on the needs you have for your ERP system. Since we hear this question too, we asked a CFO for tips.

Here is her list of things to consider when choosing the right partner for your NetSuite ERP system implementation and deployment.

Everything, because together these two SaaS services form the dream back-end &front-end team for your business. Think of Shopify's support and reliability as well as a smooth back-end system that work together like a well-greased machine.You can consolidate your orders and stock lists, without errors or manual work.Just think how much time you would save.

Doesn't that sound perfect? When you integrate your Shopify online store with NetSuite ERP system, you can automatically link order IDs from Shopify with your ERP system. Resulting in customer orders automatically flowing from the checkout to NetSuite and then to inventory management. This then streamlines order management and ensures an excellent customer experience.

Netsuite + Shopify provides you with an efficient dream team that forms the ideal back-end, front-end duo. The iconic success story Gymshark relies on this “power combo”. Read more.

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