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Are you struggling with back-office complexities? Let’s resolve them and free you from maintaining your own software and servers. Tie your Shopify Store to a highly scalable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and financials.

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Netsuite and Shopify

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Woolman is an Oracle Netsuite Solution Provider and Europe’s biggest Shopify Plus Partner

Woolman is the biggest Shopify Plus agency in Europe

Frequently asked questions

If you want to stay agile in the ever-changing eCommerce landscape, you will need a back-end that can support your current operations but also adapt to any market changes. As getting customers isn’t cheap, you’ll want to ensure a great customer experience with timely deliveries.

Your back-end system is the backbone of your operations. A great customer experience can only be delivered if you know your inventory - Where is it? What do you still have? This will save you disappointed customers - or worse losing them to competitors. Having that golden duo (Shopify and NetSuite) you’ll be able to streamline your customer experience and order management in a click, which in turn allows you to scale up your business.

You will also have an instant overview of how business is going from your role's perspective and you'll have access to your data from different devices.

If you are looking to work with the best, you’ll want to partner with a team that knows both SAAS ecosystems like the back of their hand. And our knowledge goes beyond platforms. We are also developing services to superpower these technologies.

Single system
Including: Enterprise resource planning (ERP), Financial management, Customer relationship management (CRM), Customer, supplier, and partner portals, Human capital management (HCM)

- Instant overview of how business is going from a business role perspective
- Easy access from different devices
- Mobility, users can easily modify screens to best fit their needs

-Designed for companies targeting international markets
-Efficiently manage the operations of subsidiaries
-End-to-end from production to global sales

Scalable and flexible
-The world’s first ERP built for the Cloud
- Scalable and agile for continuous business growth
- Over 22 000 companies in more than 200 countries use Netsuite

Customizable with applications
- Extend the business features with applications
- An agile way to support your unique business needs
- A user-friendly package that supports your company's everyday operations

Omnichannel commerce
- Combine Netsuite and Shopify eCommerce platform to get the best of both worlds
- Woolman is a Netsuite Solution Provider and Shopify Plus Partner. We know how to build a winner combo for your business.

To let this power-combo do its job, we’ll first have to explore and access your business together. Then we’ll build and tailor NetSuite to your specific business needs. Finally, we’ll transfer all the necessary data from your old system to NetSuite. 

Throughout this process, we’ll provide you with continuous support and development. We’ll include you in different stages through the product and will teach you (or your team how to use the system effectively on your own.

Step 1 Explore:
First, we’ll explore what your business goals are and how you can benefit from NetSuites endless possibilities. We’ll look into the features and functionalities of NetSuite so they can serve your business operations and goals. 

Step 2 Build:
Next, we’ll start putting all the puzzle pieces together so we can build your well-oiled machine. Of course, we’ll test together what we have built, so they meet your business wants and needs.

Step 3 Launch:
Before launching NetSuite, we will transfer all the necessary data from your old system to NetSuite. During this phase, changing platforms is seamless and up to date without causing data breaks. We will continue to develop your business and internationalization goals after the launch as well.

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