Shopify store development

Do you want to take your Shopify online store to the next level or develop a few chosen details? We can refine your store to respond to your business needs and help you improve customer experience. 

The Woolman team has skilled coders and experienced online merchants. With our experience of over a hundred Shopify and Shopify Plus online stores, we can recommend the additional features that will support your business and deliver them. We value your time. We will quickly evaluate what needs to be developed and deliver the project in an agile way. 

When is it worth developing a store?

Theme customization

For online retailers who want to edit the functions of their Shopify store themes, improve customer experience or update their stores’ brand look. For example, a customized navigation, product group page or adding functions to a product page. 

Checkout process customization

For Shopify Plus merchants whose order management or legal or technical needs require specific properties in the checkout process. This could mean requiring the telephone number field be filled out in a certain form. 

Adding a new function

For merchants who need to expand their Shopify stores’ basic functions or want to develop their stores’ customer experience. This could mean customer loyalty programmes, regularly invoiced orders or product reviews. 

Expansion abroad or into B2B sales

For Shopify or Shopify Plus merchants who want to expand their online store to another customer target group. This could mean beginning international trade with another market or starting B2B sales.

How we develop Shopify and Shopify Plus stores:


We start by studying your store’s development needs and goal. Our experienced experts have developed over a hundred Shopify and Shopify Plus online stores and are able to recommend the best solutions to meet the needs of your online store. We will estimate a schedule and costs and go through them with you.


When you have approved our quote for the development solution, the Woolman team begins the development work. Our team consists of skilled coders and experienced online merchants who look at your store as a holistic entity. We don’t make changes with blinkers on that could damage the other functions in your store.


Before the launch, we will go through the final result of the development work with you. We will show you how to efficiently take advantage of the new function in your business. Finally, we will launch the solution on your online store. 

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Woolman clients with customized development solutions

Fitfarm online store

Fitfarm sells physical products and digital training service packages. This place certain demands for the online store’s product pages and purchase process. Woolman customized the Fitfarm product pages into visually appealing landing pages with videos. The product page properties were expanded to allow visitors to choose course duration and available start dates. When a customer has made a choice, the correct course package is placed in the shopping basket.


Reima online storeReima Play was a completely new concept in the Reima business: selling children’s clothes as a service with a monthly fee. Woolman built a tailored customer purchase process on the Reima Play online store. The purchase process leads the client naturally through the service package choice, size and colour choices, and finally to the checkout.


 Lunette online store

Lunette sells its products globally using eight Shopify Plus online stores. Some customers end up visiting the wrong store, despite the stores being aimed at different markets. Woolman built a function on the Lunette online stores that identifies visitors’ location and automatically suggests the right Lunette store for them. Read the Lunette customer story.


Grimfrost online store 

The Swedish company Grimfrost wanted to develop the customer experience of its online store by installing Nosto, an app make personalized product recommendations. Woolman helped install the app and customized the app settings. This allowed Grimfrost to retain a harmonized brand look in the views of the online store generated by the app. Read the Grimfrost customer story.


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Does your Shopify store need some attention from our team of specialists? Contact us, and we’ll be happy to tell you more.

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If you’re already a customer of Woolman, you can order development work by contacting the Woolman support team directly at support@woolman.io

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