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Are you looking for more sales and growth for your store? Do you want to expand to new markets? Do a quick test, develop your advertising as a seamless element of your online store, find the right metrics and succeed!

Here at Woolman, we help European brands grow profitably and expand internationally. Our experienced ecommerce marketing professionals help merchants reach new customers and sell more to their existing ones. Our growth service clients grow significantly and always grow noticeably faster than average.  


How Woolman growth services work:


The Woolman growth team works with you. It consists of professionals who have delivered digital marketing for online stores, experts who have been personally successful as online merchants with successful brands, and designers. We start by learning about your business and the core of your online store’s customer acquisition process. We go through methods for paid traffic, particularly from the Facebook and Instagram perspective. Together, we set marketing goals and teach you how to make customer acquisition more agile through testing.


We focus on optimal ways to shape potential audiences and create advertising through practical lessons. By working together, we both deepen our online merchant competence and give advice for making customer acquisition more effective. We also give lots of examples. Our practical approach has received a lot of praise.


With the help of our growth service experts, you carry out A/B testing in your online store and marketing and develop your sales campaigns to make them better than ever before. The team constantly takes advantage of analysis from a range of channels. At the same time, the merchant learns best practices for measuring the results of advertising.


Our experts have growth hacking experience from various sectors, with excellent results, and our clients grow noticeably faster than average. In addition to sales results, the merchant gains deeper understanding of their marketing and enabling growth. By taking advantage of our services, you learn to understand the results of your own marketing efforts better, and you learn to better understand how your clients behave in your better.  

What situation do our growth services suit?

Growth through customer acquisition

For online merchants who aim for measurable, profitable growth for their businesses. This could mean new growth for merchants who are starting out or bringing experienced merchants’ growth to the next level.

International sales

For online merchants who want to start or boost international sales. The service also suits merchants who want to test their product-market fit in an agile, measurable way.


Making the customer path and measuring more effective

For online merchants who want to better understand their stores’ customer experience and find the best ways to measure their results.

Successful clients through growth services 

The online grocery retailer Anton & Anton was looking for a partner specialized in ecommerce to help them increase their sales. The aim was to gain more regular customers for the shopping bag service and update how the company operated in digital channels. The shopping bag service has achieved its ambitious growth targets and Anton & Anton has been able to segment its customer groups even more effectively than before. Read the Anton & Anton customer story.


Kaiko, which specializes in ecological children’s and women’s clothes, started pursuing growth systematically right from the start. When it updated its online store with Woolman, the next step was systematically developing its marketing. Thanks to our growth services, Kaiko has got effective models for marketing efforts and has now set its sights internationally. Read the Kaiko customer story.

A lot of our growth service cases are not public by client request. Contact us and we can talk. We can then tell you about our past projects in confidence.  


Do you want to speed up your growth? Contact us and we’ll tell you how your online store can reach its aims.

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