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Are you looking for more sales and growth for your store? Do you want to expand to new markets? Develop your advertising as a seamless element of your online store, find the right metrics and succeed!

Here at Woolman, we help European brands grow profitably and expand internationally. Our experienced ecommerce growth services team helps merchants reach new customers and sell more to their existing ones. Our clients grow faster than average and direct-to-consumer brands are close to our hearts. 


Growth services:

Customer acquisition on Facebook and Instagram

In-depth customer analysis

Improving merchant's time management

Online merchant as a service ™

Customer journey analysis as a service

Ecommerce email marketing and automation flows

Go to Market strategy for new product launch and market expansions

Growth Rocket – program from brands willing to grow rapidly

D2C - Ecommerce Financial Forecasting

Advanced email marketing automation for ecommerce

Customer acquisition on Google Ads


Why to choose Woolman Growth Services?

Our growth hackers are customer acquisition professionals who have a proven track record. Many have their background as a Shopify Plus merchant or background at technology partners such as Facebook or Google. We have done digital marketing for successful D2C brands in several countries with countless well-known cases. 

At Woolman, we help European brands grow profitably and get global. Through us, you will get our experienced eCommerce marketing professionals to help and guide you in acquiring new customers and selling more to existing ones. Advertising channels are constantly being updated and changed. Our experts are closely following these changes and always have the newest information in their possession.

With our experts contribution, you will know for sure what exactly your business needs to grow in the 2020s. Brands that use our growth services are growing significantly faster than the industry average. We deliver to the core of eCommerce customer acquisition with creative ways to achieve maximum efficiency.

At the same time, you will also learn to interpret better the results of marketing by yourself. This far we have helped 60+ brands in 7 different countries. Our clients are selling to more than 80+ countries on all continents. Our largest clients are selling up to six-figures on a single day.

Growth through customer acquisition

Growth through customer acquisition

For merchants who aim for measurable and profitable growth for their businesses. We help you to create the perfect plan for customer acquisition including both paid and organic channels. We show you up-to-date examples and help you to scale up your marketing. Our core values include transparency and honesty.

We are extremely growth-savvy! 

International sales

We offer various services from go-to-market studies to actually starting A/B testing to new target markets. Our team-members have long experience in global ecommerce and proven results to do smart global expansions. 

Making the customer path and measuring more effective

We have long experience in mapping customer journeys and making them more accessible. This includes playing interactive games with the merchant and optimizing every step of the journey. A service that has provided our merchants extremely happy clients and more sales. We also help to measure with honest KPI’s and focus on the big picture instead of micro-optimizing a single acquisition channel. 


Globally successful clients through growth services 



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