5 Things To Look For In An eCommerce Growth Agency

5 Things To Look For In An eCommerce Growth Agency

If you want to grow your eCommerce, you need to be sure your partner agency knows what they're doing. Finding the right eCommerce growth agency can be tricky, but there are particular features you should consider while going through different candidates.

Before you sign with a digital partner, make sure they fill at least the following criteria: 


1. They Specialize In eCommerce

In eCommerce, the number one business goal is pretty straightforward: sell products to make money. Having the right partner that specializes in your field will help you do just that. 

A good agency knows the ins and outs of selling products and services online. They are familiar with A/B testing, customer acquisition, retargeting, advanced email automation, and eCommerce SEO, for instance.

2. They Are Transparent  

If you're not sure what your digital agency is doing with your data, you've probably got the wrong partner. Transparency is essential when working with an agency, and you should be fully informed of what is happening behind the scenes. 

A reputable eCommerce growth agency will grant full access to your data and explain what they're doing with it. That way, you know what steps are being taken to help your business grow. 

3. They Focus On The Right Metrics 

Make sure the agency focuses on metrics that are relevant to your eCommerce business. These may include website traffic rates, sales conversion rates, return rates, and average order value. 

Your partner agency should provide clear answers to all of these and the capability to deliver the results you need. 

4. They Will Support Your Growth On Your Own

A knowledgeable eCommerce growth agency not only helps your business thrive, but will also help you succeed on your own too. A good agency won't hold anything back. Instead, they will share their knowledge with you so that you can shine on your own.  

5. They Will Help You Make More Money

This should be a given. But surprisingly enough, digital agencies may cost you more money if they don't understand what they're doing. So having a partner who knows the score will help you keep cashing in instead of losing those precious bucks.

Which is why we exist. 


Choosing Woolman As Your eCommerce Growth Partner = The Best Thing Since Garlic Bread

Whether it's app development, Facebook customer acquisition, content creation, SEO, or Google ads expertise you're looking for, we've got everything under the same roof. Moreover, we make online stores your customers will love. So how do we do this? By being experts in our field.

Some of the things we're really good at:

1. Strong Knowledge of Shopify

We are Shopify experts. We know the platform probably better than the content of our own pockets. In addition, many of us have years of experience as merchants or eCommerce entrepreneurs. 

But not only that: most of us have worked with other eCommerce platforms as well. So we know more than one side of the story. 

2. We LOVE Data

That's right. We are data-driven. We don't waste time on guessing; we look at the numbers and act accordingly.

We've even built our own unique data service with merchants, which enables us to analyze what works best for our clients. This data-focussed approach also helps us explore new opportunities and aid our customers to grow their businesses even further.

3. We Track And Focus On The Right Metrics

Our focus is on long-term results, whether it be in customer acquisition, retention, or consumer loyalty. We track metrics from store purchase data and measure ROI, not from individual actions, but total performance.

4. Custom-Made Apps

Have you ever thought about how convenient it would be to have an app to fill all your business needs? Well, you're in the right company! Our Shopify app development team can create a bespoke app tailored precisely to your wishes. 

And only the sky is the limit for these guys!

5. We Know SEO

We offer complete eCommerce search engine optimization services, including comprehensive site audits, technical SEO, reporting, and copywriting. Our eCommerce SEO knowledge will help you rank higher in Google search results and boost your sales and conversion rates.

6. We Do A/B testing. On Everything. All The Time. 

There is no one answer or solution. That's why we test, analyze, and make changes accordingly at all times.

We strongly believe that only through testing and implementing can we truly hit the spot and get the sales you need. 

7. We Understand Customer Acquisition And Retargeting Better Than Most

Understanding customer acquisition and retargeting  as we do is a must if you want to increase your eCommerce business even further. With our help, you can find new high-quality customers and engage your existing ones in buying from you again. And with more significant sums, too, by increasing customer lifetime value and average order value.

Without expert knowledge, your audience might be too broad and of low quality. As a result, you won't be able to personalize your marketing efforts or engage your customers. Instead, you risk losing money.

But we won't let that happen to you. We will make sure you keep connected to your customers after their purchases too, to have them come back again and again.

8. We're Experts In Internationalization And Market Testing

Our customers are international and aim to grow beyond their national borders. For us, testing new markets and making international customer acquisitions is commonplace. Properly implemented, it is fast and efficient: in just a few weeks, we will see if there is potential in the new market or not.

9. We Are 100% Transparent

We don't hide your numbers. On the contrary, we share everything with you, so you know exactly where your business is at. 

Moreover, we believe that as business owners, you should own your data too. That's why we encourage you to have full ownership of all your ad accounts: we will only ask for access to these accounts.

That way, should you ever decide to switch agencies, you get to take all your data with you as well. 

In addition, we not only do magic with your data, but we also teach you how to do the same yourselves! We will hold your hand throughout the entire process. And when it's your time to fly, we will gently let go with complete confidence that you can take your business to the skies. 



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