Automate Shopify Plus Store with Flow & Launchpad

How to easily automate your Shopify Plus Store with Launchpad and Flow

Ever had to pull an all-nighter to manually set up all upcoming events in your Shopify store?

While the theme’s draft can be pre-created, the theme still needs to be published manually at a specific time. And whenever you use the discount app, you can only schedule discounts, but not swap any product pages. Never mind, the time you spend publishing the products manually, as these can’t be prescheduled. 

All in all: a lot of time wasted on manual, repetitive tasks. 

If this sounds familiar to you, then it may be time to add Flow and Launchpad to your Shopify Plus store. These time-saving apps are incredibly effective for Shopify Plus merchants. Here below we’ll address both automation apps, describe how they work and their incredible benefits. 

What is Shopify Launchpad?

One of the best automation app for Shopify Plus merchants is Launchpad. This Shopify app allows you to automate any upcoming event or campaign, without any stress. You can easily schedule your entire campaign from start to finish while also reviewing your campaign performance in real time. This is especially handy for Shopify merchants around the holiday season or BFCM. 

Other benefits include: 

  • Selecting specific products to publish for your sale
  • Updating inventory as needed
  • Setting collection discounts to take effect when the sale starts (and without having to use a single line of code!) 
  • Building campaign-specific themes to highlight on-sale products
  • Optimizing themes in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises
  • Switching automatically to the main theme after the campaign

In addition to all these great features, it also allows you to track the success of every individual event by viewing the app's real-time, analytic dashboard. 

If you want to build much-wanted buzz for your brand, you can also password-protect your store just before a product launch. Then, give your most loyal customers the password and grant them exclusive access to shop your latest collection or sale before others. A little VIP treatment never hurt anybody.

What is Shopify Flow?

Flow is an eCommerce automation platform that lets you automate tasks and free up much-needed time to focus on growing your online business. It’s like having your very own private eCommerce assistant, except that it’s completely free!

It’s also an excellent tool for customized workflows tailored to your eCommerce needs. Shopify Flow will facilitate your inventory management, help you automate buyer experience, and organize your customers by different metrics.

You can for example tag low or out-of-stock products or remove them automatically when they get below a certain inventory level. Flow will then send an email directly to your supplier so that the product can be ordered and re-stocked automatically. Needless to say, this will save heaps of time and effort from your daily tasks. 

How does Flow work?

Simply put, Flow always lets you automate everyday tasks known as workflows, without any development expertise. 

Once you install the app, you can easily start to automate business processes with Flow visual builder. You add a trigger (an event that starts the workflow) a condition (a rule that decides whether the action will be taken) and action (a task that will be completed when the condition is met). These workflows can be made from scratch in your browser, or you can just scroll through the handy pre-made library of templates from Shopify Flow. You can even integrate Flow with other apps such as Klaviyo and Yotpo to optimize your store even further! 

Other benefits of Flow are:

  • Improving buyer experience by creating a support ticket when you receive a negative review
  • Personalized marketing by tagging customers based on purchasing behaviour
  • Organizing customers by lifetime-spend
  • Tracking the use of discount codes
  • Tagging new products and adding them to specific collections automatically
  • Managing high-risk orders for review 

Superpower your store through automation tools, Shopify Flow and Launchpad

Sometimes it's best to work smarter, not harder. By introducing these two automation tools for your Shopify Plus, you can easily free up more time to focus on the things that matter: like growing your ecommerce business. And that’s where we lend a helping hand. As an experienced Shopify Plus eCommerce partner, we'll gladly help you set up the right workflows for your eCommerce business. 

Which processes would you like to see automated? 

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