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Commerce Insights Podcast - How to attract customers to a Direct to Consumer business


"You really need to understand what your value proposition is and why people would like to buy the service and also what happens after the purchase so that you're not selling only physical cold goods, but you are selling a service. And when you start with the D2C, that relationship will be one to one and it keeps going on" - Mikko Rekola, Growth Lead Expert 

How do you attract customers to a new Direct to Consumer business?

In this episode of the Commerce Insights with Woolman podcast, Growth lead expert Mikko Rekola shares his perspective on some burning questions. How do you get customers to your new D2C store and how do you choose the right market and define the ideal customers?  

You need to start out with a big BANG! 

Mikko points out the importance of being bold when deciding to launch a D2C store. He explains the necessities of resources, data analyzing and having the right attitude towards learning about what works and what doesn't. 

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