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Commerce Insights Podcast - How to deliver customer value with a Direct to Consumer webstore


"There are so many fine-tuning elements how we can start working with a brand on a D2C concept, but the core concept is going to be the key that is going to dictate how you can bring out the values you have in your business" - Teemu Tolonen, Leading Shopify and D2C Consultant

How do you create value for customers through a Direct to Consumer webstore? 

In this 15-minute value-packed episode of the Commerce Insights with Woolman podcast, leading Shopify and D2C consultant Teemu Tolonen sheds light on the questions; Why is it important to bring value to the customers in today's market? What can brands do to provide a unique experience for their customers and expand their business? Have there been successful concepts that have worked for Woolman’s clients?

It is all about the concept!

Teemu uncovers a variety of core concept ideas for D2C stores such as; subscription-based services, packaged bundled products, customizables products, and the creative customer journey. He also gives concrete examples of how Woolman has executed different concepts with clients. 

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