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Start a D2C business and have full control over your brand. The operation may seem complex, but we’ll help define the concept and give you the tools to open a D2C store that your customers will love.

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Frequently asked question

Launching a new business model can be intimidating and energy-consuming, but we give you an easy way to dip your toes: D2C as an experiment.

With our ‘D2C pivot store’ you can easily test your D2C business potential outside your current IT-systems, warehousing, and shipping methods. It is a business experiment run by business owners. That’s the beauty of it. Having a D2C pivot store allows you to test your D2C opportunity, with no strings attached.

Yes. Selling directly to the consumer cuts 10-15% from wholesale distribution and 15-40% from retailers. But that’s just the start. The most important way to increase your sales is by increasing value to your customers. A D2C-strategy allows you to do just that.

Now is the time to hop on the D2C train. With Covid-19, studies have shown that the market is ready. So much so that if your brand isn’t moving forward today, your competitors will be ahead of you. The only real question is: what is the best way for you to open a D2C channel?

At Woolman, we believe the most beautiful things happen when we work hand-in-hand. Together we’ll build and help you run a D2C store that’s fully tailored to your needs without compromising your other sales channels.

Here below, we’ve listed our five-step approach to building your successful D2C store:

1. Identifying your direct-to-consumer business opportunity

2. Designing the right user experience and design for your business

3. Building an eCommerce store and implementing the necessary tools

4. Preparing your team for the launch 

5. Helping you with customer acquisition and developing your eCommerce even further 

Our proven-method has helped dozens of well-known brands dip their toes in D2C water. When their business concept was proven to be successful, we even helped them scale up. Read their success story here.

We understand that opening a D2C store doesn’t always make wholesalers, dealers, and retailers happy. The last thing you’ll want to do is enter into a pricing war with your own brand. A way to avoid this is by opening up new opportunities.

You could use your D2C channel to open up new exclusive products, bundles, or try a subscription model. That way you won't upset existing retails. In fact, your insights from your D2C channel can then benefit your retailers too. Loyalty programs could and should be shared with your retail network in the longer run.

What's the D2C possibility that would suit your business? Talk with an expert.

You are onto a really good question. There are so many misconceptions about D2C. To bust some of the myths around the topic we wrote a blog

Worried about slow and costly IT projects? Don’t be, we offer D2C as an experiment (a pivot store, that you can scale-up at any time). We’ll help you design a well-thought-out D2C concept on Shopify and have your D2C store up-and-running within4-16 weeks. This is then followed by a customer acquisition program and a development period, so we can optimize your store and test the results.

When the results are desirable, we’ll help you scale up.

As our goal is to launch a well-thought-out pivot store, we always anticipate the need to scale up - even across borders. We know the tech needed to make it happen and will make sure nothing stands in your way to scale internationally and fast.  With a solid plan at hand, we've helped others already, here's how.

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