Woolman and Brancoy sign a business transfer agreement

Woolman promotes Shopify ecosystem growth with a business transfer to Brancoy

When Woolman became a Shopify Plus partner in 2017, we were pioneers in the ecosystem. Even Shopify at the time, had no goals for expanding to Finland. To the amazement of many, in less than five years we have grown to be the largest Shopify Plus agency in Europe. Our customers are brands across Europe and beyond. In 2021 almost 30% of our revenue came from countries outside of Finland and to accelerate our international growth, we opened a subsidiary in London UK in January 2022.

Helping international brands grow in D2C business is in the Woolman strategy

Woolman’s strategy is to help international brands in Direct to Consumer business through making the most of the Shopify ecosystem. This has resulted in adjusting services to meet the needs of these customers. We strongly believe that the Shopify ecosystem is a key success factor for many companies and to grow the ecosystem, we have partnered with Brancoy, a digital experience company. Brancoy will provide development services for our Shopify customers as well as new customers.

Business transfer to Brancoy

Woolman and Brancoy signed a business transfer agreement effective on April 1st 2022. Brancoy will continue to seamlessly provide development services for Shopify customers transferred from Woolman while building their own customer acquisition. With this business transfer Brancoy is rapidly growing to one of the bigger Shopify agencies in Finland. Woolman is one of the owners of Brancoy and is dedicated to the growth and development of the company.

Creating new competition within the Shopify ecosystem

Woolman founders value Shopify’s mission to make commerce better for everyone and are dedicated to ecosystem growth for the benefit of Shopify merchants. 

“We should always welcome competition. Competition ensures that customers have choices and agencies can build their own excellence in the ecosystem. The more great agencies we have, the more talents we are able to pull into the ecosystem and this will help everyone in the long run” says Juha Harju, Founder and CEO of Woolman.

Juha Harju, CEO, Woolman

Brancoy - digital experiences in eCommerce

Brancoy is a company specializing in digital business. The founders are a combination of young and experienced entrepreneurs. The operating team has grown to e-commerce through digital marketing, branding, design and website development. Website development turned to webstores and that is how they have come to work with Shopify. Their hearts go out to developing customer experiences as well as theme development in ecommerce.

Samuli Ala-Kasari CEO of Brancoy Oy
“We understood very early that eCommerce is an essential part of our customers’ strategy. This opportunity to dive right into the heart of existing Shopify eCommerce with these great Nordic brands is a dream come true. We’ve had such enlightening conversations with the customers and cannot wait to take full responsibility for working with them alongside with our own existing customers.” Samuli Ala-Kasari CEO of Brancoy.

Hand in hand towards Shopify excellence

Woolman and Brancoy are sharing office spaces in Jyväskylä, in the headquarters of Woolman Finland. Most important about being under the same roof is the cooperation between the tech teams. While Brancoy is growing their team and the Shopify excellence, they are part of the Woolman developer networks, and developers are a community, helping each other out.

The two companies focus on different eCommerce customers. In cooperation the partners are able to provide desired services for different growth stages of Shopify merchants. The sales teams of both companies are also working together to find the best solutions for customers.

More information

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Juha Harju, CEO & Founder, Woolman Oy, juha@woolman.io, tel.+358 504408008, Woolman | Largest Shopify Plus agency in Europe
Samuli Ala-Kasari, CEO & Founder, Brancoy Oy, samuli@brancoy.fi, +358 40 961 0067, Brancoy 

Mareena Löfgrén, Head of Contract & Security management, Woolman

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