Why and when to outsource your marketing

Why and when to outsource your marketing

Outsourcing your marketing means that someone outside your organization is helping you run your daily marketing activities. When you outsource your marketing you share the responsibility of planning, managing, and implementing the marketing activities with external agencies or professionals. And that has many benefits for your organization such as saving time and getting insights from specialists who work with several brands and business areas. 

The reasons why you should outsource  

One clear benefit of outsourcing marketing is that you get the expertise and specialization of the whole team in the agency. It means you will have access to professionals in many digital marketing areas such as content creation, social media marketing, and SEO. This is great because now you can take advantage of their knowledge and broaden the scope of your own team's skills. The second reason is cost-effectiveness. Outsourcing can save you from expenses you would have to pay if you had an in-house team. These costs can be for example recruiting, training, and salaries. Also, you don’t have to buy all the expensive software or technologies for yourself. When you outsource you can pay flexibly for the service you need. 

This will also save you time and other resources because marketing activities take a lot of time especially if your team has limited resources or expertise in some area of marketing. Instead of learning the skill internally, save time and resources by outsourcing specific marketing activities. That will save you valuable time and enable you to focus on your strengths and core competencies. External professionals can give fresh perspective and creativity to your business. Because they view your business with an outside view they can challenge existing strategies, and introduce new ideas, creative efforts, and marketing strategies. Even if some of these suggestions were something you have already thought about now you can be sure that it is a good idea and you can start executing it.

When is the right time to outsource your marketing?

There is no one right or exact time to outsource your digital marketing. It depends on your business's goals and needs and your internal resources and growth plan. Yet, there are scenarios when outsourcing should be considered. Outsourcing will come in very handy for example along with your business growth your requirements for marketing activities and resources are changing and evolving. When you outsource you can quickly scale up the services you have chosen and align them with your budget and goals. Also if your projects or campaigns are time-sensitive the agencies are prepared to handle fast-moving projects to meet the tight deadlines. 

Should I outsource fully or try a hybrid strategy?

Sometimes it is wise to closely cooperate with an agency and work with the outsourced specialists as they were a solid part of your team. This is common, as you normally have an in-house marketing team that might not have enough resources or skills to do everything related to digital marketing and still you want to be there to coordinate the campaigns or to make sure that everything is executed with your brand in mind. For example, it’s possible to plan the campaigns together and divide the tasks required for the campaign. The task for the in-house team could be to create the ad creatives and the agency could be in charge of running and analyzing the campaign in Google, Meta, or other channels.

To sum up, even though outsourcing in many cases is extremely beneficial you have to choose your partner carefully and ensure you share the same goals and expectations for the partnership. Also, it is advisable to look up their experience, expertise, and references, and meet with their team. We at Woolman are happy to discuss a possible partnership with the amount of outsourcing your current situation requires! Contact us, let's schedule a meeting.

Outsourcing benefits in a nutshell

  1. Working with specialists in that specific area of marketing
  2. Saves time and other resources
  3. Outside perspective and fresh ideas