Harnessing Dotdigital: From Shopify B2B to Shopify Markets - The Route to Global Commerce Excellence

Harnessing Dotdigital: From Shopify B2B to Shopify Markets - The Route to Global Commerce Excellence

Shopify's B2B capabilities have generated an overwhelming demand that few anticipated. With the platform already standing out robustly, many B2B merchants wonder if there are adequate solutions, especially concerning marketing automation, to complement the platform. While Shopify Plus does integrate with HubSpot and Klaviyo, neither seems to be an ideal fit for B2B ecommerce, especially when utilizing a flexible SAAS solution like Shopify. Our go-to recommendation has been the trusted marketing automation provider, Dotdigital, which seamlessly integrates with both Shopify Plus and Shopify B2B.

But there's more. Dotdigital isn't just for B2B. It also caters to B2C merchants using the Shopify Markets functionality. Below, Roscoe Brown of Dotdigital delves into what's currently available for Shopify Plus merchants exploring the shift with Shopify Markets.

Hello, fellow ecommerce aficionados! I'm Roscoe, the enthusiastic Partnership Manager at Dotdigital. Recently, a conversation with a colleague piqued my interest regarding Dotdigital's alignment with Shopify Markets – Shopify's dedicated solution for cross-border commerce. This collaboration empowers merchants to manage, optimize, and launch international markets all from a single dashboard. Initially, my knowledge was basic, but after deep diving, I'm thrilled to share insights that can guide brands in achieving a seamless customer experience as they chase their global goals.

Let's journey together through the dynamic integration of Shopify Markets and Dotdigital. 

  1. Subscribers/Contacts: Tracing Customer Geographies Start by pinpointing your customers’ origins. Dotdigital's "SHIPPING_COUNTRY" field delineates the region of every subscriber. For instance, an American browsing your site who subscribes will have the "SHIPPING_COUNTRY" set to "United States of America." Such data refines your welcome campaigns, offering that personal touch customers value.
  2. Orders: Gleaning Insights from Currencies and Geographies Want clarity on each order's intricacies? Dotdigital captures essentials: billing country, delivery destination, and transaction currency. Say, a US order might show both billing and delivery in the "United States of America" with the currency as USD. Utilizing this data refines post-purchase campaigns and provides insights for enriched customer experiences and bolstered sales.
  3. Products: Seamlessly Glide Through Market Data Your product catalog, combined with Dotdigital, becomes an invaluable tool for market insights. Features like the "presentment_prices" section allow for market-specific product blocks. However, ensure no outdated presentment price data remains for unavailable products. Regular syncing keeps data accurate and efficient.
  4. Abandoned Browse: Elevate the User Experience In the world of e-commerce, customer experience is king. With Dotdigital, refining the abandoned browse block is essential to ensure currency symbols match product prices. It's not just about displaying prices; it's about accurate, market-specific pricing, which enhances user journey.
  5. Product Block: Fine-tuning for Precision Dotdigital's versatile product block is promising, but it primarily shows the Primary market prices. But there's a solution: with advanced personalization and liquid scripting, you can design product blocks to display market-specific prices, enhancing user trust.
  6. Abandoned Carts: Turning Losses into Gains Maximize your abandoned cart automation. By merging currency and SHIPPING_COUNTRY data, you can accurately identify the customer's market. This tactic optimizes the capabilities of Dotdigital and Shopify Markets, transforming potential losses into significant conversions.

In conclusion, the partnership between Shopify Markets and Dotdigital offers strength, paving the way for global commerce success. Interested in delving further? The Woolman team stands ready to assist. Don't hesitate to reach out!