The new era of online shopping with Shopify Shop app

The new era of online shopping with Shopify Shop app

The world is changing at a fast pace: The level of technology is deepening and new applications are emerging every day. Therefore, it is not always easy to recognize what are the essential ones for e-commerce.

As it is often said: A good guideline is to identify customer’s problems and what you can do to solve them. From a more practical point-of-view e.g. what are the bottlenecks in your customer's buying process? By solving these problems you can improve your customer experience.

At the same time, consumers are struggling with different problems: There is a vast amount of supply online and little time for shopping. Thus, online shopping is insisted to be quick and easy. The standards are high and the online retailer must be able to maintain quality throughout the purchasing process – from first glance to package delivery. 

It’s time to revolutionize online shopping

It was time to look outside the box and revolutionize the traditional consumer buying process: Shopify launched the Shopify Shop app, which will take online shopping to a whole new level. Before we dive deeper into this amazing app, let’s briefly think about the challenges of our daily lives in the context of online shopping.

E-commerce is constantly growing. Consumers carry out orders a lot, often from many different online stores at the same time. In practice, this means several deliveries being monitored and tracked at the same time. A lot of emails, tracking numbers, and status messages - all in different places. If a customer wants to track the progress of the order, the customer needs to find the correct email, copy the tracking number and then navigate to the distributor’s web page and paste the number to know where the package is going. Before this, the customer may need to log in to the e-commerce page to check the status of the order. The worst part here is that the process is repeated for each order. Not very smooth, right?

The solution to the problem is the Shop app. Through the Shop, it’s convenient for the customers to track all their orders from one place. The Shop automatically retrieves the order tracking IDs from the order emails, organizes them, and aggregates them into a single page for viewing. And there is even more! The Shop works with several e-commerce platforms with several different distributors and even enables live tracking.

From new customer acquisition to a customer retention

The challenges that an online retailer often wrestles with are within new customer acquisition and retargeting. What to advertise, to whom, and on what platform? The Shop also offers a new kind of solution to these puzzles. After the customer makes a purchase, the online store is saved in the app as one of the favorite stores, providing recommendations later based on previous purchases. In the future, the favorite brand will be a shorter click away and thus it will be easier to make a repurchase. This functionality is available exclusively for Shopify merchants.

Supporting local merchants is a trend that has recently raised its head among consumers. The current global situation poses its own challenges to physical shopping and thus the invention of new e-commerce solutions at the local level is also emphasized. The shop can add value to this matter as well. Namely, the app makes recommendations about local Shopify-powered e-commerces and their products based on the consumer's previous purchase history. Therefore, the Shop is a good helper with new customer acquisition for merchants, and to top it off it’s free of charge.

Take action to the change

If Shopify Payment is available in your country, Shop also supports its use as well as other general payment methods making the purchase process super straightforward. As the challenges of purchasing and order tracking get tackled out of the way, your e-commerce's customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value will increase.

Online shopping and order tracking will be revolutionized. Do you want to be a forerunner of change? If yes, do as follows:

  1. Download the Shop app for your e-commerce.
  2. Encourage your customers to deploy the app.
  3. Enjoy the growth of your customer satisfaction and sales.

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