Did you attend a free NetSuite demo and wonder what next?

Did you attend a free NetSuite demo and wonder what next?

For many of us planning a NetSuite ERP implementation, this is a familiar situation. There are several different vendors and almost all offer a free demo of NetSuite. A demo is a great way to see what real-time transparency truly means, and what numerous user based dashboards look like.

How did you feel about the demo?

The demo situation is a grand opportunity to familiarize yourself with the company and team that is giving the presentation. You will get a feel for whether it would seem natural to proceed with the implementation with the vendor in question. During the discussion, you will already get a lot of tacit information and insight on how the cooperation would progress. Our strong recommendation is that you trust your intuition when making decisions.

Participating in a free NetSuite Demo does not bind you to anything or anyone

Every NetSuite partner is different and is able help you from a different perspective. 

The demo is a showcase for NetSuite's capabilities and limitless possibilities. It’s like a good trailer for an interesting movie where a talented partner is able to own the best side role. After a successful demo, you should feel a strong desire to move to discussing “How can you make NetSuite available to us as easily as possible?”. A partner who listens to their customer is ready to make a proposal fast and the work can start.

Sometimes, though, it happens that the demo arouses interest in NetSuite, but for some reason, intuition puts brakes on the partner. You needn’t worry, because, at this point all options are still available to you. All NetSuite providers give free demos and sometimes it happens that interests or chemistries just don’t match. If this happens, it’s time to get to know other providers to compare.

How should you proceed in partner selection for NetSuite ERP deployment?

Sit back for a moment and go  back to the demo to identify the reasons that left you uneasy. If your colleague attended the demo, it is wise to compare your experiences and thoughts together. It is always wise to bring another pair of eyes with you to the demo, for this reason.

Then, document: What would you like from a NetSuite partner?

  1. Do you just want to buy licenses for NetSuite and maby hire an internal project manager to specialize in NetSuite?
  2. Is it important for you to outsource accounting and financial management services when deploying NetSuite? If so, this will forward you in a different direction of choice. 
  3. Do you value an implementation where will be provided with a business focused service for the NetSuite deployment? Then you will want a partner who can propose the needed modules and licences. You can implement NetSuite in stages and the partner will be able to provide you with continuous development and support to your individual needs even after implementation.
  4. Do you want a deployment after which you will not be in a vendor lock situation but instead will be able to decide independently on further development?
  5. Does it bring value to you if the partner is dedicated to developing NetSuite further, for example developing features that support localization?

Negotiate with several partners before you make a NetSuite decision

Once you have identified the kind of partnership and scope of service you want, contact several providers. It is good to inform the vendors that you have already had  a free demo, and you are now looking for the fight partener to do the deployment with. This will ensure that the providers are able to focus on giving you a presentation to match with your needs for the NetSuite implementation. You will also get a solid understanding of how they will support & further develop NetSuite with you. An ERP investment is always a big deal and the discussions you have with different vendors will surely benefit you in the long run. 

Your experiences from discussions and your intuition will help you decide who you feel comfortable with.

When should you ask Woolman to be part of the discussions?

Woolman has four special strengths that set us apart from most NetSuite providers:

1. It is up to you to decide how you organize accounting or financial management services in your company. We don't provide them, so there will be no vendor lock. However, if you need help, for example in the form of training or consulting, we will always be available to help you even after the implementation.

2. We develop and maintain a Woolman Banking service that gives you access to banking connections with Nordic banks. The service works seamlessly with NetSuite. You can also connect the services of e-invoicing operators and public revenue registers with NetSuite using Woolman Banking. The service is also available on a stand-alone basis if it is a missing piece of your current business.

3. Our service always includes the NetSuite deployment. We do not sell mere licenses or modules to NetSuite. We work hand in hand with you throughout the deployment, and this guarantees that we recommend you the best modules and licences to work with to support your business and your growth goals. The implementation is done, when your NetSuite is up and running as planned..

4. We ourselves use NetSuite to manage the finances of our own subsidiaries in three countries and different currencies. Therefore, we don’t only have the expertise to deploy NetSuite, but also the know-how of using it in international environments. We recommend that you read CFO Kaisu Piisilä's experiences and tips for implementing NetSuite.


Are you interested in knowing how Woolman does NetSuite deployment? Or would you like a free demo on NetSuite? 


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