Joint controller role of Woolman and Facebook

Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled that companies administrating a company Facebook are in joint controller role with Facebook. This document on privacy policy applies only to Woolman Facebook pages and those persons, who have liked or followed Woolman on Facebook.  

Data controller

Facebook Ireland ("later Facebook") and Woolman ("later Woolman") are joint controllers when it comes to Woolman corporate Facebook profile and pages.

Facebook shall process personal data according to their privacy policies: Facebook is the principal responsible party for complying with EU General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR and executing data subjects’ rights in the service. The user is able to govern their own data protection rights within Facebook.  

Basis for processing personal data, data register content and regular sources of data

Woolman shall have access to registered person’s name, public photograph and other public defined information. In practice, elements that are available for all registered users. You may inform us with other personal information in your comments or messages, such as requests for customer service through Facebook. We do not export your personal information outside of Facebook and do not enrich data about you in other registers. Our right to collect data is based on legitimacy. As a user it is your right to limit the use of your personal data by leaving and ending the following of Woolman page. 

We may use your personal data for the following:

  • marketing
  • to perform raffles and contests
  • to receive feedback
  • the information is used for buying marketing services from Facebook and measuring the performance or marketing and advertisements

Rights of the registered Data Subject

Woolman is in compliance with the following Data Subjects rights in accordance with our Privacy Policy for Marketing register

Right of access and rectification
Right to prohibit processing
Right to erasure
Right to be forgotten
Right to data portability
Right to restriction of processing
Right to lodge a complaint

If a data subject wishes to use their rights and have information on how Facebook processes their personal data, they should contact Facebook directly