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Are you dreaming of an e-commerce solution that never fails you? Do you wish for a turnkey online store? Everything else is running smoothly but your online store could use some TLC? Stop worrying and start dreaming big! With the help of Woolman you can have a perfect e-commerce solution that fits your business' needs. With the help of Shopify you can have an online store up and running in no time. 

Why choose Shopify?

Shopify is a flexible, Saas-based solution. It makes the setup, opening and running an online store easy and fast. Shopify is suitable for various size businesses. You can develop and grow your store as your business grows. 

Shopify can be integrated with several different payment and shipment services. Email lists, marketing automation and building an efficient SEO strategy is easy in just minutes with easy to use add-ons and applications. 

There's over 500.000 Shopify merchants worldwide. The reason behind Shopify's popularity is the flexible platform which keeps updating and getting better on a regular basis. With Shopify anyone can become a successful e-merchant. 

Learn more about Shopify over here.

Why Woolman? 

Our experts have all-around experience of local and global e-commerce. We know the day-to-day life of an e-merchant and the pressure caused by technological issues. We know what's truly important running a successful online store, small or big. 

We teach our customers with the daily e-commerce work and business itself. We also help our customers to learn even more. We happily support our customer in finding the right person or right company to help with our customer's growth: We have a wide network experts around us. 

We are the only Shopify Plus Partner in Finland. Shopify Plus Partner is the highest level of partnership with Shopify. As a Plus Partner Woolman can share the newest technology and business ideas with its customers. 



Well, let's do it! What happens next?

Before we do anything else, we want to determine the needs your business has for an online store and then we come up with a recipe for success! Next it's time to get to work. With a smooth e-commerce project kick-off, different workshops and easy communication methods we make sure your e-commerce project is going forward as planned.


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We can integrate your backend systems to your Shopify store. As we come to the end of our e-commerce project, we will teach you first-hand how to run your new store smoothly. After the new store goes live, we don't disappear on you. Our Customer Success Management team is glad to help you with any issues you might face. We want to make sure your business is doing well and growing!

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