Ellis Insights - Business management platform helping Shopify brands to excel in omnichannel commerce

E-commerce optimized dashboards

Ellis comes with 25+ optimized dashboards for merchants’, analysts’, marketers’ or C-level needs.

This drastically helps you to reduce spent time from collecting, cleaning and visualizing eCommerce data and KPI’s.

AI/ML-driven analyses and insights

Ellis uses AI-driven analyses to improve dashboards and reports beyond ordinary BI tools. 

Analytical AI/ML and Generative AI-driven insights help merchants to 

  • Detect relevant changes in trends
  • Forecast sales
  • Identify how to build better product bundles
  • 12+ other key insights, which help you stay on track with your core business.

Built-in data warehouse

D2C data warehouse makes leading with the data easy:

  • Rapid business analyses as all eCommerce data is gathered from various sources into a single data warehouse
  • Market-leading visualization tools provide easy-to-understand and highly usable simple dashboards
  • New advanced analyses or reports are easy to build
  • Direct data export for other systems

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