Episode 43: What CPG brands can learn from Feastables in the D2C landscape (Feat. Jess Cervellon, Feastables)

Commerce Insights podcast


CPG can be a tough industry when it comes to the digital and direct-to-consumer landscape. Feastables, created by popular Youtuber Mr.Beast has successfully created a brand experience in the digital space that customers love. What advice does Head of Customer Experience Jess Cervellon give to aspiring CPG brands looking to branch into the direct-to-consumer space? 

In this episode, we discuss things like data, personalisation, consumer behavior, creating the ultimate brand experience... and more! 


Jess Cervellon is Head of Customer Experience at Feastables- a chocolate bar company created by YouTuber and philanthropist MrBeast, in partnership with Night Media. They specialize in creating chocolate and treats made of organic ingredients.

Mikko Rekola is the Chief Evangelist at Woolman - a D2C and Shopify Plus agency helping global brands reach commerce success.