Shopify Unite 2019 – Day One

Shopify Unite 2019 – Day One

The main day of the event, Wednesday, was full of product releases and interesting workshops which discussed them in greater depth. The day attracted a record number of participants and did not leave anyone feeling ambivalent. This was because there were lots of new things in various directions and at a notable scale. And the best thing is that the merchant and business development are still the focus of Shopify development.

You can read the main points of the releases on the Shopify blog.

Before that, we’ll present you with two new releases: an updated PoS solution and a 3D product image of a product description. Woolman CTO Tero Junttila will conduct the interviews about the solutions.

In addition to these we learnt more about successful app developers’ tips, mobile optimization and the world’s largest Shopify Plus stores’ visions for the future. Tomorrow is Day Two, which offers deeper dialogue, particularly about technology and stores’ buying experience.

Text: Mikko Rekola, Growth Hacker, Woolman

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