Organic Facebook posts – Are they worth the effort anymore?

Organic Facebook posts – Are they worth the effort anymore?

Posting organic posts on Facebook and Instagram has gone through some radical changes in the past two years.

Before you could reach wide amount of followers with organic posts. Ecommerces kept building up audiences with organic growth strategies and growth. This worked well for a while, merchants repeated it with quite good results.

Then it all changed and slowly got worse than before. Many online store marketers have reduced the amount of organic posts especially on Facebook. Some have even given up all organic posts. Before you go ahead and make the same decision, slow down a bit! Let's ask ourselves why.  

It’s not all about quantity, it's about quality as well. To see the quality of your organic posts, don’t look purely on the amount of people your post has reached. It's more imporant to see what happens after the potential customer has clicked the link in your organic post. 

Use analytics, less can be more

After analyzing many organic posts made by online stores, I have made some surprising discoveries. Usually good leads still lead to conversions. And conversion usually mean sales. Therefore, the ratio might be somewhat lower than what it used to be. Are you ready to toss away conversions just because you maybe don't get as many of them as before? As the old wisdom says, sometimes less is more.

In general, you should also analyse your online store's incoming traffic. What brings in those long duration sessions, where do the quick visits come from? What kind of visits make most sales and how can you increase the amount of most valuable traffic? 

What does this all then mean and how to do make sure you can still gain potential traffic with organic Facebook posts?

Make sure to include following details in your posts:

  • Include links with UTM-codes to your organic posts
  • Check your organic post traffic regularly from Google Analytics based on these UTM-codes
  • Compare organic Facebook traffic to other organic sources and also paid traffic
  • Create posts with quality content such as product news, your core values and possible campaigns

Mikko Rekola, Growth hacker / Woolman