eShow Madrid Highlights: Woolman and Shopify's Thriving Digital Commerce

eShow Madrid Highlights: Woolman and Shopify's Thriving Digital Commerce

Woolman was thrilled to participate in eShow Madrid with Shopify on October 30th and 31st. eShow Madrid stands out as one of the largest annual commerce exhibitions in Southern Europe, showcasing a burgeoning interest in digital commerce. Woolman's Chief Evangelist, Mikko Rekola, and our Customer Success Lead, Anne Moulet, were pleased to connect with Spanish ecosystem partners, local agencies, and Shopify customers.

We are immensely grateful to Emilie Benoit-Vernay, Joachim Antonsen, and Blas Segarra Vázquez for this valuable opportunity.

The event witnessed an impressive turnout, with Shopify drawing significant attention through their engaging stand and fully booked presentations. These sessions provided insights into the Shopify ecosystem, its core functionalities, and experiences from top local agencies and Shopify Plus customers.

A focal point for us was the considerable emphasis on Shopify B2B—a recurring topic in both presentations and one-on-one dialogues. It was enlightening to see a dedicated local agency fully focused on Shopify B2B, solidifying the trend that larger B2B enterprises are increasingly considering Shopify as a preferred platform.

Equally noteworthy was the visibility of Shopify POS devices and their established popularity in Spain, which is now captivating a growing customer base. Our conversation with Shopify’s Pau Mas on the expanding opportunities for Shopify POS in Spain was exhilarating, particularly for major brands in the fashion, furniture, and select CPG sectors.

Join us for a special Commerce insights podcast episode featuring Anne Moulet, Customer Success Lead at Woolman, as she discusses the eShow event in Madrid with Shopify, and shares key takeaways, together with Woolman's Chief Evangelist, Mikko Rekola.