Woolman team

Hello there, we are the Woolman team!  

We are experienced in many important ways such as eCommerce, entrepreneurship, marketing, website design, integrations, search engine optimisation and life itself.

Miika Malinen

CCO / founder

Miika is our eCommerce expert. He has experienced it all first hand.

+358 40 197 8670

Miika Malinen LinkedIn Miika Malinen Twitter

Konsta Saarela

Managing partner

With Konsta’s expertise in sales and business development, he is guiding Woolman towards growth in the Nordics and Europe.

+358 400 250 716

Konsta Saarela LinkedIn Konsta Saarela Twitter

Anders Danielson

Country Manager (Sweden)

Anders has an entrepreneur background from eCommerce business topped up with strong IT-industry experience. On his free time he loves sailing.

+46 73 344 5151

Anders Danielson LinkedIn

Nihad Memić

Managing partner (Benelux)

Nihad brings to the table his merchant experience as well as his natural love for UX and IT. With this combination he makes sure you will have a solid and converting online store.

nihad.memic@woolman.io +31 614 271 911

Nihad's LinkedIn

Bengt Holmberg

Sales & Partner Manager (Sweden)

Bengt is an experienced sales director with lots of knowledge about eCommerce and how to navigate in the ecom world.

+46 70 660 2828

Bengt Holmberg LinkedIn

Teemu Tolonen

New Business Development

Teemu has his own Shopify online store, so he is a pro. Go ahead, ask anything!

+358 44 358 0869

Teemu Tolonen LinkedIn Teemu Tolonen Twitter

Matti Harjunen

Sales and business consulting

Big ideas yet wishing to make them even bigger? Matti can help you with your eCommerce goals!

+358 50 083 4382

Matti Harjunen LinkedIn

Petteri Mustalahti


Petteri is part of our team to help and guide Woolman in the next big steps towards growth.

+358 50 386 5255

Petteri Mustalahti LinkedIn

Kaisu Piisilä


Kaisu's favourite program is Excel, believe it or not.

kaisu.piisila@woolman.io +358 400 772 534

Kaisu Piisilä LinkedIn

Mareena Löfgrén

Brand manager

Mareena is a passionate brand builder, inspiring Woolman people in delivering the brand promise.

+358 505 44 5141

Mareena Löfgren LinkedIn

Heli Tornianen

eCommerce Growth Strategist

Heli has all the tools to help out online merchants to grow their business even further!

+358 50 58 69611

Heli Torniainen LinkedIn Heli Torniainen Twitter

Mikko Rekola

Lead Growth Hacker

Mikko is our international eCommerce specialist! He can be your guide in making your global eCommerce goals reality!

+358 50 401 0630

Mikko Rekola LinkedIn

Tahmine Mehr

Growth Hacker

Do you need help with growing your online store? Tahmine will help you to find your way to grow and succeed.



Anni Marin

Growth Hacker

Anni can help you and your eCommerce business forward with your growth hacking goals!


Noora Niemi

SEM Growth Hacker

With Noora's help you can do Google Ads advertising to your audiences effectively. In her spare time Noora enjoys dancing and taking walks with her dog.


Noora Niemi LinkedIn

Roosa Hämäläinen

Growth Hacker trainee

Roosa helps our customers grow their business online. In her free time, Roosa loves to try new sports.


Roosa Hämäläinen LinkedIn

Lassi Hakkarainen

Growth Hacker trainee

Frisbeegolf ja snowboarding are Lassi's passions on his freetime. At work his all about digital marketing and customer acquisition.


Lassi Hakkarainen LinkedIn

Silja Patrikainen

Marketing & sales development

Silja is super talented with numbers, data and charts. Especially charts.

+358 40 580 3788

Silja Patrikainen LinkedIn

Julia Huovila

Business developer

Questions regarding Woolman services? Julia will help you to find right solutions for your eCommerce business.


Julia Huovila LinkedIn

Akseli Kaarninen

Sales & marketing developer

When Akseli isn't concentrating on sales and marketing, he works as a project manager! When he is not at work, you'll most likely find him at a golf course.


Akseli Kaarninen LinkedIn

Aleksi Kauppinen

Marketing & content trainee

Aleksi dives into marketing through numbers. His free time is mostly downhill – in the form of downhill skiing.


Aleksi Kauppinen LinkedIn

Heikki Sateila

Service manager

Efficiency and problem solving are close to Heikki's heart. He's here to help our customers succeed!


Heikki Sateila LinkedIn

Jaakko Hyvönen

Service manager

Jaakko has gained his experience in eCommerce through payment solutions.


Jaakko Hyvönen LinkedIn

Pinja Kuitunen

Customer success manager

Don't worry, Pinja will take good care of you and is eager to increase your business in digital channels.

+358 40 7369741

Pinja Kuitunen LinkedIn

Ellinoora Aurasmaa

Customer success specialist

Elli brings empathy and order to Woolman's customer service.


Ellinoora Aurasmaa LinkedIn

Pyry Qvick

Service manager

Pyry enjoys finding ways to help out Woolman's customers even more. He is also interested in software development.


Niko Rissanen

System specialist

Niko is able to help our customers in many ways, from integrations to Shopify's theme development work.


Antti Salmi

Project manager

Antti is our SEO- and analytics guru. He is also a lot of other things yet unsolved.


Antti Salmi LinkedIn

Jari Suni

Solution architect

In the past years Jari has been doing stuff, mostly starting with the word digital. He is our process freak!


Antti Salmi LinkedIn Jari Suni Twitter

Michael Norman


Michael is Woolman's strongest architect, at least in powerlifting.


Atte Päärni

Solution architect

Atte likes to sail, skateboard and solve customers' business problems.


Atte Päärni LinkedIn

Antti Runtuvuori

Project manager

Antti loves to work with smooth order management systems! In his spare time Antti loves things that have a motor and wings.


Antti Runtuvuori LinkedIn

Topi Hyttinen

Project manager

Even though Topi says he can't actually code, he's been in the IT business for a good amount of time!


Topi Hyttinen LinkedIn

Taru Nieminen

Project manager

Taru gets excited about planning and working together with clients. If you're done talking about online stores, this hockey mama will gladly continue talking about ice hockey.


Taru Nieminen LinkedIn

Levinho Wijdenbosch

Digital project manager

Levinho guides you fluently through the Woolman ecommerce process. His passions are online marketing and soccer.


Levinho LinkedIn

Tero Junttila

CTO / founder

This is Tero. What he doesn't know, you don't need to know.

Tero Junttila LinkedIn Tero Junttila Twitter

Mari Niemelä

Business Manager

Mari has played many roles in the field of IT, always keeping her main focus on customer's success.

+358 50 5675 491

Mari Niemelä LinkedIn

Jakke Tuomisto

Data analyst trainee

When data is needed for business development, Jakke is the right man for the job.


Jakke Tuomisto LinkedIn

Joonas Toroi

Design lead

He carries around a notebook and a pen. Eventually you'll see a beautifully designed online store in front of you. That's what Joonas does.


Joonas Toroi LinkedIn

Ville Pietarinen

Senior UX Specialist

Did you just have the user experience of a lifetime in an online store? It's quite possible Ville did that.


Ville Pietarinen LinkedIn

Joonas Budde

UI Developer trainee

Joonas wants to break interaction and programs into tiny bits to better grasp them and design them for humans.


Joonas Budde LinkedIn

Jani Sompi


In his free time Jani enjoys racing across unfamiliar countryside using a map and compass.


Jani Sompi LinkedIn

Mika Syynimaa

Web developer

Mika is super creative when it comes to online stores and web development.


Mika Syynimaa LinkedIn

Sampo Riikkilä


Sampo switched from game development to online store development. How amazing is that!


Sampo Riikkilä LinkedIn

Sami Heikkinen

Senior front-end designer

Sami has a long experience in user interface development, UX design and theming. He is also semi-pro in music production and photography.


Sami Heikkinen LinkedIn

Erno Lehtonen

Front-end developer

What about Erno? He's all about online stores' front-end, digital graphics and game development.


Erno Lehtonen LinkedIn Erno Lehtonen Twitter

Jesse Naakka

Front-end developer

Jesse is inspired by beautiful and customer friendly online store designs. When he's not sitting by his laptop, he is either playing volleyball or golf.


Jesse Naakka LinkedIn

Miia Harja

Front-end developer

Miia is passionate about problem solving and creating beautiful online stores. She enjoys knitting and playing video games.


Miia Harja LinkedIn

Sanni Selkama

Front-end developer

Sanni loves to take on tasks that require problem solving and creative work.


Sanni SelkamaLinkedIn

Vekil Pantchev

Front-end developer

Vekil enjoys learning something new about front-end development every day!


Vekil Pantchev LinkedIn

Aku Lehtonen

Software developer

At work Aku focuses on technical solutions and coding. His free time is filled with rock chords and playing guitar.


Aku Lehtonen LinkedIn

Isis Herrero

Developer trainee

Along with coding Isis enjoys karate.


Isis Herrero LinkedIn

Rosemari Marttinen-Lahtinen


Rosemari is about service & concept design, front-end & theme development – and also macrames.


Rosemari LinkedIn

Anna Kivelä

UX Designer

User centered designing and UX are definitely Anna's strengths and strongest interests.


Anna Kivelä LinkedIn

Pasi Vuorio

Head of product development

Good software is simple, easy to use and maintain. That's the type of software Pasi works on.


Pasi Vuorio LinkedIn

Juhana Pirnes

Senior software designer

Online store development and integrations, that's what Juhana is all about. He's also passionate about snowboarding.


Juhana Pirnes LinkedIn

Tuomas Sipola


Tuomas is all about Ruby on Rails. With the right kind of attitude all problems can be solved, Tuomas says.


Kimmo Lapinkari

Technical business developer

With his background from finance Kimmo has the skills to combine seamless purchasing experience with great customer experience.


Kimmo Lapinkari LinkedIn

Minna Öfverberg

Software engineer

In addition to testing, support work and coding Minna also tackles regular office tasks.


Minna Öfverberg LinkedIn

Veli-Pekka Rämäkkö

Back-end Specialist

Veli-Pekka is also known as Vepsi and he is into back-end- and mobile environment development. He's also into techno music and flower stick joggling.


Veli-Pekka Rämäkkö LinkedIn

Jussi Laaksonen

Software developer

Jussi spends his working hours with Netsuite development work. On his freetime he is a devoted owner of two cats.


Jussi Laaksonen LinkedIn

Fabian Kreutz

Software architect

"Legacy? It won't even come to that!", says Fabian.


Risto Oikarinen

Senior software designer

Risto is experienced with development work and integrations. He likes to take on the hard questions first.


Risto Oikarinen LinkedIn

Miika Leppänen

Shopify integration architect

Miika integrates integrations with even fancier integrations. Final product: The ultimate integration.


Miika Leppänen LinkedIn

Antti Alakoski

Senior Software Designer

Antti is especially passionate about UI design.


Antti Alakoski LinkedIn

Aaron Salonen

Business controller

Aaron can turn numbers into valuable information. In his free time he plays soccer, of course.


Aaron Salonen LinkedIn

Jenny Huttunen

Experience manager

Jenny makes videos and writes articles.


Jenny Huttunen LinkedIn Jenny Huttunen Instagram Jenny Huttunen Twitter

Juha Harju

CEO / founder

Even though Juha is our CEO he wanted to be in the bottom row of this team page.

+358 50 440 8008

Juha Harju LinkedIn Juha Harju Twitter

If you feel like you have skills and ultimate talent that our current Woolman team is missing, you can leave an open application on our career site.

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