Woolman team

Hello there, we are the Woolman team!  

We are experienced in many important ways, such as e-commerce, entrepreneurship, marketing, website design, integrations, search engine optimisation and life itself.

Maybe get to know us better? Go ahead! Or do you wish to know how we got here? Catch up on the Woolman story.



Miika Malinen

CCO / founder

Miika knows a thing or two about e-commerce. He has experienced it all first hand.

+358 40 197 8670

Miika Malinen LinkedIn Miika Malinen Twitter

Matti Harjunen

Sales director I

Big ideas yet wishing to make them even bigger? Matti can help you with your e-commerce goals!

+358 50 083 4382

Matti Harjunen LinkedIn

Teemu Tolonen

Sales director II

Teemu has his own Shopify online store, so he is a pro. Go ahead, ask anything!

+358 44 358 0869

Teemu Tolonen LinkedIn Teemu Tolonen Twitter

Mikko Rekola

Growth hacker

Mikko is our international e-commerce specialist! He can be your guide in making your global e-commerce goals reality!

+358 50 401 0630

Mikko Rekola LinkedIn

Pinja Kuitunen

Customer success manager

Don't worry, Pinja will take good care of you and is eager to increase your business in digital channels.

+358 40 7369741

Pinja Kuitunen LinkedIn

Antti Salmi

Project manager

Antti is our SEO- and analytics guru. He is also a lot of other things yet unsolved.


Antti Salmi LinkedIn

Jari Suni

Project manager

In the past years Jari has been doing stuff, mostly starting with the word digital. He is our process freak!


Antti Salmi LinkedIn Jari Suni Twitter

Antti Runtuvuori

Project manager

Antti loves to work with smooth order management systems! In his spare time Antti loves things that have a motor and wings.


Antti Runtuvuori LinkedIn

Tero Junttila

CTO / founder

This is Tero. What he doesn't know, you don't need to know.


Tero Junttila LinkedIn Tero Junttila Twitter

Mikki Kuukkanen

Senior designer

He tends to have broken knees once in a while but that doesn't keep him from designing.


Mikki Kuukkanen LinkedIn Mikki Kuukkanen Instagram

Joonas Toroi

Design lead

He carries around a notebook and a pen. Eventually you'll see a beautifully designed online store in front of you. Joonas did that.


Joonas Toroi LinkedIn

Ville Pietarinen

Senior UX Specialist

Did you just have the user experience of a lifetime in an online store? It's quite possible Ville did that.


Ville Pietarinen LinkedIn

Jani Sompi


In his freetime Jani enjoys racing across unfamiliar countryside using a map and compass.


Jani Sompi LinkedIn

Miika Leppänen

Shopify integration architect

Integrates integrations with fancier integrations. Final product: The ultimate integration.


Miika Leppänen LinkedIn

Jenny Huttunen

Video & content producer

Jenny makes videos and writes articles. She refuses to make coffee yet drinks it.


Jenny Huttunen LinkedIn Jenny Huttunen Instagram Jenny Huttunen Twitter

Juha Harju

CEO / founder

Even though Juha is our CEO he wanted to be in the bottom row of this team page.

+358 50 440 8008

Juha Harju LinkedIn Juha Harju Twitter

If you feel like you have skills and ultimate talent that our current Woolman team is missing, you can leave an open application on our career site.

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