Mobilizing ecommerce: Discovering the Future of Mobile Shopping with Neal Goyal from Tapcart


🗓️ 7th of September
🕒 2 PM - 2:30 PM BST, London
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Join Europe's largest Shopify Plus agency, Woolman, and our Chief Evangelist, Mikko Rekola, for an exclusive webinar featuring special guest Neal Goyal from Tapcart, the game-changer in mobile commerce.

Why Should You Attend?

🔹 Exclusive Insights: Gain firsthand knowledge as Neal Goyal of Tapcart reveals how they power the mobile apps of today's top brands using Shopify Plus.

🔹 Expertise Meets Experience: Combine Woolman's rich understanding of ecommerce with Goyal's insights on mobile-first strategies to see the full picture of online retail success and why brands with an app succeed better than those who don’t.

🔹 Future-Proofing Ecommerce: Stay ahead of the curve with emerging trends, grasp shifts in customer behavior, and set your brand up for continuous success.

Webinar Highlights

  1. Evolving with Mobile Commerce: Understand why mobile isn't just an option, but an opportunity in ecommerce.
  2. Bridging Gaps with Mobile Apps: Delve into how leading brands have transformed their customer experience.
  3. The Shopify Plus x Tapcart Nexus: Exploit growth avenues by blending Shopify Plus with Tapcart's capabilities.
  4. Interactive Q&A Session: Engage in lively discussions and have your questions addressed by Goyal and Rekola.