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Merge your B2B and B2C operations in one Shopify store, so you can manage your entire business - all from one place. Within a few weeks, we’ll have your new B2B store up and running with zero downtime, simple access, and rock-solid customer tracking.


B2B + B2C in Shopify

Shopify B2B and B2C platform in one

The real opportunity is combining Shopify’s existing power
as an intuitive ecomm solution with the added functionality 
needed to serve B2B, all in one streamlined solution.

Andy Knox

General Manager, Van Compass

B2B Meets the power of Shopify

B2B features found on Shopify Plus


Companies is a new customer record that will represent the business buyer. 

It will surface fields such as:

▪️ Customer permissions, 

▪️ Payment terms, 

▪️ Price lists, 

▪️ Tax ID, 

Enable merchants to associate multiple contacts and locations with a given company.

Price Lists

Price lists will allow merchants to set company-specific prices via fixed prices or a percentage off of retail prices for all of the products they sell. 

The picture shows the ability to set product or variant-specific prices in a price list using the customer's preferred currency.

Payment Terms

This will allow merchants to automate the process of assigning payment terms to orders or draft orders, and reduce the manual work. 

Merchants can assign a company with a specific payment term (e.g. Net 30, Net 45) and those payment terms will appear on every order a B2B customer submits or a merchant creates

B2B customer experience

Customize your online store theme for a personalized wholesale buying experience.


Self-Serve will allow customers to manage their account with ease and select the company location they're buying on behalf of, edit buyer information, and view and filter order history.

B2B Shopify

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