Nordic Shipping app

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nordic Shipping app?

Nordic Shipping app is a shipping application for Shopify stores. The application is developed for merchants shipping from Finland and Sweden. With the app, you can print shipping labels for the carriers you use directly from Shopify admin.

The app has integrations with the most popular delivery methods in the Nordics. The app is integrated with nShift and that allows even more carriers to be used to ship worldwide as your business grows. In addition to shipping labels, you can print customs documents required for foreign deliveries (invoices and CN23 and CN22 forms).

The app has been developed in co-creation with merchants.

Can the app be used for both domestic and international shipments?

Yes, the app makes your shipping easier both for domestic (Finland and Sweden) and international shipments. Nordic Shipping app is integrated with nShift to add carrier choices as your business grows.

How can I install the Nordic Shipping app?

To install the app, please contact us.

We will help configurate the app to your needs.

What are the documents of the Nordic Shipping app? 

The Nordic Shipping app produces the following documents: a shipping label (address card) and a return label. For international deliveries, the application generates an invoice document on the value of the goods, and necessary in foreign trade. It also produces CN23 and CN22 customs documents forms.

What does “X free shipping labels per month” mean in billing plans? 

A shipping label refers to the number of address cards printed for delivery. One set of documents in delivery can include the following: shipping label, return label, invoice, and customs document. Delivery means each time a shipment through the “Create shipment” function is done in the Nordic Shipping app.

The monthly package fee includes an X number of package cards. When the quantity is reached, charges for excess deliveries will be invoiced according to the price list stated in the package.

What does maximum billing per month mean? 

If the maximum invoicing is reached, meaning the number of excess deliveries reaches the maximum invoicing amount for the package, the application will not allow additional shipments so that the costs do not rise unexpectedly for the merchant. The app instructs the merchant to select a larger package, to resume shipments.

Do I need my own agreement with the carrier to use the Nordic Shipping app? 

Yes, you must have your own contract with one or more carriers to be able start shipping

Do I need the Shopify carrier calculated shipping app to be able to use Nordic Shipping app?

Yes, if you want to enable the pickup point display feature at your store checkout. That requires installing the Shopify Carrier Calculated Shipping app. This applies to Budbee deliveries as well. You, as the merchant, install the app, and this is where you’ll get help to access it.

If you only want to use the Nordic Shipping app to print labels and customs documents, you do not need the Shopify Carrier Calculated Shipping app.

Did you receive an error report in the Nordic Shipping app? 

The most common reason for the Nordic Shipping app to issue an error message is because the app is dependent on the interfaces of shipping companies.

Often the error message you see from the application contains information about where the error is, e.g., “Failed to open a connection to api.nShift”. This signals that a third party (nShift) has a service outage, which is also reflected in the Nordic Shipping app. In most cases, breaks are very short-lived and recover momentarily. If the outage lasts longer, please contact  and our support service will contact third parties to resolve the issue.

If we detect a fault condition in the Nordic Shipping app itself, we will report the error and the progress of the repair on this website or within the app.

How can I get in touch with the Nordic Shipping app Support team?

Our support is available on weekdays Monday through Friday 8-16 (EET). Our support can be reached at nsasupport@woolman.ioand the support language is English.

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