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In the world of digital commerce we don’t lack data - we lack actionable intelligence. Ellis empowers Shopify merchants to transform data into profit-driven actions.

Built by merchants for merchants

Over 50+ data-driven brands use Ellis to make their lives easier.

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Ellis bridges the missing link between data and business value

Deep insights for your entire business

This is why Shopify merchants love Ellis


"Ellis provides us with the roadmap to accelerate our business growth. From analyzing customer data to operational analytics to its AI predictive analytics model, Ellis helps our c-suite managers make informed decisions, minimize risks and increase the profitability of our 7 Shopify stores - in one central user-friendly app."


"Ellis allows us to combine data gathered from various sources, as well as give insights into metrics we previously have not had easy access to. With Ellis, we will be able to develop our business with a deeper understanding of our customers and focus on segments that are key to growing our business."

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Operate data smoothly

All data in one place - Data from various sources all combined to a viewable dashboard. Easy to use and access.

Advanced data analysis

Dig deep in customers behaviours - With own data-warehouse and advanced data processing possibility to look to the past Go on a more in depth level to look at how certain users behave.

Forecast for business growth

Fill in the blind spots - Review estimates with sales and business planning. Which products should be included in your upcoming campaigns?

Ellis provides a centralized view on relevant D2C data to steer business. In practice this means more detailed and comprehensive dashboards, analyses and insights about D2C. 


Efficient multistore filtering options

Possibility to extend off-the-self functionality with custom reports, AI/ML-based analytics  and dashboards


ML driven sales forecast to predict future

More reliable data: Important KPI trends (AOV, ABS, APV) cleaned from outlier data


More in depth inventory management and analyses (e.g. Product performance and returns)

Tools for product analysis e.g. Product, and product type  health, abandoned cart products, product association)


Combining data from first data sources (not modified by Shopify)


Customer segmentation tool enabling recency, frequency and monetary value analysis of different segments, and customer segment changes over time

Customer status 9 field visualizing churning customers

CLV metrics

Yes. Ellis data resides datacenters located in EU.

No. Ellis data storages are customer specific and physically isolated from each other. 

Woolman’s promise is to grow “hand in hand”. Therefore we offer more affordable pricing for starting D2C merchants even though Ellis provides substantial value to even starting D2C merchants.

Yes, depending on service level.

We strongly recommend including also growth and data analyst services on top of the Ellis platform.  It helps D2C merchants to find immediate business benefits and educates the best on how Ellis can be used to.

Yes. Onboarding sessions contains training session for Ellis usage. 

Additional training sessions are charged separately.

It's typically around a 1-week process. Active time required is less but data ingestion from various systems takes time. Additionally, we want to have some time to make data validation and necessary configurations.

After the contract has been signed, we arrange a kickoff meeting (1 hour) to agree integration details to enable Ellis configuration.

After this we will arrange two weekly workshops (1 hour x 2) workshops to make sure Ellis works

Finally you will have a single monthly feedback session with the data & growth team.

Yes. We can create customer-specific dashboards for Ellis.

Not at the moment.  But it can be done by our data team.

We have used our extensive experience in D2C to select dashboards and metrics which would provide the most value. 

Yes. It is possible. 

Business problem discovery needs to be done first to evaluate the opportunity. Analysis and development are separately charged according to the price list.

Ellis is built to use both Shopify and Google Analytics marketing data, in addition to internal transformations and algorithms to create analyses.  

There are many possible reasons for differences in results e.g.:Differences in how page reloads and unique visitors are counted. Google counts every page reload, but a browser doesn't count reloads of cached pages. Differences in how sessions are defined. For example, some analytics software counts search bots as visitors, while other software doesn’t.Google can only count visitors with JavaScript and cookies enabled. Some visitors might not allow cookies or JavaScript. Customers can use browser extensions to block Google Analytics from tracking their site

It’s unlikely that identical tracking mechanisms are being used by each of the services, so your visitors aren't recorded equally. For more examples see Shopify documentation 

As said, the more important is to follow trends than compare exact data from two different systems as tracking mechanisms are always slightly different.

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