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Balance your financials with Woolman Banking

Connect your Netsuite with Nordic banks and e-invoice operators with Woolman banking solution. You can use Woolman banking in Finland, Sweden, and Estonia.

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Get bank and e-invoice connections 

Woolman Banking allows you to connect Nordic banks' payment traffic and Netsuite ERP securely. With the service, you can access modern multi-bank connections securely. Access e-invoice operators services, as well as public authorities income registers. Installing is easy and does not require changes in NetSuite ERP.

Freedom to choose

Using Woolman Banking does not form a vendor lock to any financial administration provider. You are free to organize your financials in any way you prefer: internally or outsourced. Automated payment traffic will remain applicable. 

Support services

After deployment, you have a dedicated team to continue cooperation with. Our continuous support and developers will work hand in hand with you.

Woolman banking

Localizing Netsuite Finances


Bank connections you can access:

Frequently asked questions

Because Finns are the most digital country in the world when it comes to automating finances. We want you to have ready-made, reliable integrations with e-invoice operators and banks. No more manual work and complexity in invoicing, bookkeeping, and financial transactions. Wouldn’t you love that?

Our pricing depends on the services you are looking to access. We have bundled up country-specific services. You can also choose from banking services, e-invoicing, and additional services. We will provide you with a mix and match of your needs. Contact us, and we’ll work out together how we can best help you.

Now you are talking. Just drop us a line, and our team will get in touch with you.

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