Singular Society

Building the world’s first subscription-based retail model for the revolutionary brand, Singular Society

Meet Singular Society: a pioneering lifestyle brand that shook the retail world to its very core by providing an entirely new way to interact with clients through a membership-based retail model.

Business opportunity

Bringing a new retail business model to life

Help people buy less by enabling them to buy better. Offer a carefully curated assortment of high-quality, responsibly made products at an affordable price through a new retail business model. 

The ability to innovate is crucial to any successful brand. Call it the survival of the fittest, being agile, or simply common-sense, innovation drives eCommerce success - and being the very first adapter means having a leg up from the competition. And that is exactly what powerhouse brand Singular Society did. 

Led by a small team of industry insiders, Singular Society kept coming back to the same old question: ‘Why is quality so expensive and hard to maintain?”. “How can we offer customers high-end products that are made responsibly, but also create a healthy and reliable long-term business?” And thus - Singular Society was born.

Instead of paying hard cold cash for retail items, Singular Society offers a subscription-based service just like Netflix. Here members can access carefully chosen life essentials at the price of what they cost to make. The brand is built around a subscription-based retail model, where they offer products as a service to the members.

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The challenge

The solution

Singular Society online store

The results

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