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shopify kaupan muutostyöt

You've opened your Shopify store, but you've faced some technical challenges you might need help with? Perhaps you need your store to be in several different languages, you want to sell B2B or maybe you have faced some issues with your current store theme? Oh, and maybe there's something weird going on with the current integration with your warehouse management? 

Well, don't you worry! Woolman is glad to help you with all the issues mentioned above and if there's something that we didn't list, just ask - it's quite likely we know how to help you with any possible issue your e-commerce has faced.  

Why Woolman? 

Our experts have all-around experience of local and global e-commerce. We know the day-to-day life of an e-merchant and the pressure caused by technological issues. We know what's truly important running a successful online store, small or big. 

We teach our customers with the daily e-commerce work and business itself. We also help our customers to learn even more. We happily support our customer in finding the right person or right company to help with our customer's growth: We have a wide network experts around us. 

We are the only Shopify Plus Partner in Finland. Shopify Plus Partner is the highest level of partnership with Shopify. As a Plus Partner Woolman can share the newest technology and business ideas with its customers. 



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