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“There seems to always be a benchmarking case to be learnt from when discussing an idea or the performance of an app with Woolman. We are saving time, money and agony through this confidential partnership.”

Suvi Pakkala, Marketing & eCommerce Manager Kaiko Oy

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What is ecommerce growth?

Growth services

Drive more leads

Need more traffic to your store?

With our kick-start service, you will discover untapped markets, build  a retargeting model and set up Facebook, Instagram & Google ads the right way, so you'll drive quality leads to your store.

Grow your commerce

Plenty of traffic, but no sales?

With our growth service, you'll receive a full eCommerce audit of your online store, pinpoint your biggest conversion killers and suggest fixes of high impact. That way, you’ll maximize your conversion rate & sales.

Grow across borders

Ready to take your brand overseas?

Get full support from our seasoned eCommerce experts to superpower your brand across Europe and beyond. With local insights and technical know-how, we’ll show you how to approach, test and seize new D2C markets.

Working Hand-in-hand


We believe that the best results are achieved by understanding your business. A team of experienced merchants and digital marketing professionals will help you grow your Shopify store. Here below is our four-step growth hacking approach:

Step 1. Analyzing your business First things first: let’s get to know each other. And we mean - really get to know each other. What has been working? What has not? At this step, we analyze your business, competitors & target audience. We may even uncover a hidden audience you haven't even thought of! Together, we’ll build a mutual understanding and an effective roadmap for the project ahead.

Step 2. Setting the right measurement & analyzing incoming data
Measure your incoming data? Good. Get personalized insights? Game-changer. At this step, we set the right measurements and simplify your incoming data, so you can understand what works for your business - and what doesn’t. That way, we can propose data-driven fixes of high-impact for your online store.

Step 3. Fine-tuning sprints and workshops
Fast learning and continuous improvement? Yes, please! We use growth hacking methods – sprints and workshops – to teach you how to create increasingly better results. Together, we focus on the strategy and identify ways of reaching set goals. During sprints, we A/B test and analyze to have you learn how to do the same in your work.

Step 4. Transferring our knowledge to your team

Everything we do - we do together. Our goal is to create long-lasting results for you, and we believe that is achieved to the maximum when we transfer our knowledge to your team.

While digital marketing focuses on customer acquisition, commerce growth focuses on your business's next step. It answers the more difficult questions like:

"Where do you lose your most valued leads?"

"How can you build your customer lifetime value?" 

"How can you improve your commerce and which tools would you need?" 

In other words: digital marketing brings the customer to the yard, but growth commerce increases your sales.

From paid ads to great unboxing experiences and conquering new markets, eCommerce growth takes the next step, driven on data to continuously increase sales. Not from individual actions but total performance. 

Growth hacking is a method and a mindset. It is all about growing your online store with intent. Growth hackers will pull from psychology, statistics, A/B tests, user experiences, and much more to optimize your Shopify store. Continuously testing and analyzing your data to see what works and does not work. Learn more about Growth Hacking here.

Besides having seasoned marketers, merchants, and eCommerce experts helping you, we are your life-long business partner. We strongly believe in building long-lasting relationships and working hand in hand with you. As we are an international agency, we can bring you across borders. From communities stretching all over Europe, you'll have local insights and scalability levels unimaginable.

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We most certainly do. You might be surprised to learn that our customers come not just from the EU, but also Canada, USA and South America. We have tested and entered new markets with dozens of brands and helped them establish new business and also D2C pivot stores in several countries.

Creating relevant content for your eCommerce business is more important than ever before. Knowing how to captivate audiences and building meaningful relationships with them is key, not just for now but for the future too.
As the use of third-party cookies becomes more limited, the importance of your own direct connection is greatly emphasized. In a world filled with endless information, you've to find your voice and stand out. Read here all about the importance of unique content creation.

In case you need any other services (like our Success and Support service, Content Creation service, SEO service, Email-marketing service, or any other additional work), feel free to flag it at any point. We're happy to help!

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