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At Woolman we do app development for your online store’s needs. We develop both public and private apps for merchants and partners to enable them to reach their business goals.

Shopify app development

At Woolman, we are developing high performing business solutions for merchants daily. Customers share their commercial needs with us and we develop apps that help them perform with more ease as well as saving costs and time to become more profitable. Apps that we would want to use as merchants. We also develop apps as a service for Shopify and Netsuite ecosystems.

Woolman app development 

Nordic Shipping app

Nordic Shipping App, was the first Shopify shipping app for Finland, and it enabled merchants to print shipping labels directly from Shopify orders to multiple carriers. The app was quickly integrated with Unifaun to integrate well known international carriers and keep shipping easy, even with multiple domestic and international carriers. Read more here >>

Woolman Order Management System (WOMS)

Through dialogue with Nordic Shipping app users, merchants that grow have needs for more automation and more rules, they would like to take charge of in shipping. Rules like from which location or warehouse, how to optimize shelving, how to minimize steps taken in picking and packing, which carrier and optimal package size should be used to save money and costs. This is why we are now developing Wooman Order Management System.

Would you like to co-create Woolman Order Management System with us? We welcome you to join! Read more over here >>

Co-creating apps with merchants

In our app development culture we co-create with users from early on to ensure providing the right solutions. We present an open invite our customers and other merchants to join app development through testing, share insights and proposing ideas. Our co-creators benefit from having access to use apps in BETA phase and benefit from saving costs, time and simpler workflow. 

If you would like to join our co-creation or hear more, fill out the form on the page below:

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Shopify apps built for Woolman clients

As a Shopify Plus Partner we are committed to ecosystem growth. Shopify App development for third parties is one way of growing the ecosystem, enabling companies and service providers to bring their solutions to merchants. We develop both, public and private apps for partners, depending on their business goals.

Here's some: 

Localising Shopify with Transfluent translation app

Transfluent is striving for zero-click translations for Shopify and we are working together to achieve this. Transfluent’s Shopify App makes it easy to localize entire product catalogs into any language wanted, and automatically translate all new products added to store. 

Postnord delivery methods for Shopify merchants

Postnord wanted to expand to the Shopify and WooCommerce merchants’ markets. Woolman built an app that enabled the smooth use of Postnord as the online store delivery actor for Shopify merchants. The app sends the orders that arrive in Shopify and WooCommerce stores to the Postnord warehouse management system. The app also synchronises warehouse stock levels and sends information on order status in the warehouse to the online store being used by the Shopify merchant at the time. 

ApteekkiPlus and sales of prescription medicines online

The Woolman-built solution enables the online sale of prescription drugs in accordance with official requirements. The order system means drugs can be sold through strong authentication in a way that prevents unnecessary customer data being stored in superfluous systems. As well as prescription drugs, the app enables the sale of adult-only medicines and products that require instruction from pharmacy staff before purchase. 

Logitrail’s services available to Shopify merchants

Logitrail wanted to offer eCommerce logistics and delivery outsourcing to Shopify online merchants. The app that Woolman made for Logitrail sends orders that have arrived in the Shopify online stores to Logitrail’s own warehouse management system. The app also synchronises warehouse stock levels with the  Shopify merchant’s online store that is using the Logitrail service at the time.  



Our way of developing customer apps 

Our experts start by learning about your business’s needs, services and goals in detail. We have developed apps for a range of needs, all the way from individual online stores to extensive integrations of logistics companies. In other words, we’re able to help you choose the best delivery method. We will give you an estimate of costs and schedule and a description of how the integration will be delivered.

Our experienced Woolman developer team builds the app and necessary integrations. In app development, we use modern technologies and methods, but we can also do integrations with heavy, traditional technology back-end systems. 

When the app is ready, we go through the result with you and ensure the app works. We can also take care of app continuity, follow-up development and support.

Woolman app development team

Pasi is the head of Woolman product development and always curious to discuss new ideas. Our team is dedicated to co-creation and user engagement in our development processes. We are intrigued by new ideas, don’t hesitate to get in contact to discuss further

You can learn more about our app development team by moving on to our team page >> 

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